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  • IT IS OK...a little...

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z....

    It's not good at all but thats my opinion!

    *snores* i have only seen one episode and already i dont like it but i dont hate it!
  • Good for an old show.

    This was a good show for its time. But having been born almost 30 years before it first made it to TV, I found it hard to get some of the jokes. I saw some episodes with the old and new husband, and i have to tell you like some other people i didn't even notice. But i really did like the uncle that would appear now and again. With that being said I have nothing much more to say about this show. I did watch the movie that was based some what on the show, now that was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.
  • Woman witch faces things as a mortal.... most of the time.

    I dont really care for this show, but it is better than most stuff out there. even though it is before my time i would watch it. But it is not as good as Gilmore Girls, Cased Closed, Smallville, Ect. Out of the oldies it is on of the best!
  • wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

    Something goes wrong with Darren, usually because of Endora (Samantha’s mom) and Sam has to use witchcraft to help solve the problem even though she promised Darrin she would use it. Darrin is mad but gets over it. This was like every episode. Sometimes it wasn’t Endora but Sam’s cousin, Serena. Later in the season Sam gave birth to a little witch Tabitha who, when she was young, couldn’t control her powers. And somehow Darrin’s boss/partner, Larry, never found out. The show didn’t have brand new plots every episode but there was something great about it. Such staying power as it is still showing and the DVD’s are selling.

    Who didn't want to be able to wiggle their nose and make things happen??
  • Forget Nicole - Elizabeth Montgomery was the original and best.

    This show is an all time classic. That said it is more than a little cringeworthy to re-watch old episodes. Sexist to say the least. Sam should have told Darren to get over himself and lived her own life instead of turning her back on magic.

    But hey ho, it was the sixties after all.

    Elizabeth Montgomery sparkles as a witch who marries a human and tries to live the life of a domestic housewife in American suburbia. Needless to say, magic follows her wherever she goes. When the actor playing husband Darren was replaced nobody batted an eyelid - this was even mentioned in a future episode of Roseanne when they replaced the actress playing Becky. I don't have strong memories of either actor frankly. Mainly that the second one was rather skinny with the same shaped head.

    I wanted to be Tabitha. Sadly no matter how much I tried I was unable to make my nose twitch. I thought that if it did I would be able to make magic myself.

    Twas not to be.
  • The show is based on a witch who marries a mortal and who ends up having a baby.

    I loved watching this show on TV. It was always a good show to watch. However, if anyone thinks the movie with Nicole Kidman in it is going to be good, you are going to be disappointed. I couldn't wait to go see the movie and I was so disappointed in the way they created the movie.

    Stick to watching Bewitched on TV and not in the movie theatre.
  • Jeannie Was Better

    I always thought that Darrin Stephens and Tony Nelson were the most unrealistic mortals with having a witch and a genie who loves them and forbidding from them using their powers. But Bewitched was the worst cause of the silly plots. Darrin is the constant victim of Endora, Serena and Maurice. Plus Darrin has to put up with Larry Tate who takes credit for his work and never made partner. Bewitched also lasted too long.
  • A nice and funny show.

    Bewitched is a funny and cute show. If you take the time to stop and think about it, Samantha represents the changes in the world. Darrin represents the uncertain about the changes.

    Like all 1960's sitcoms there are many shots of people who get a hilarious bug-eyed expression when they see or hear something that the can not explain

    As for the characters, Samantha is the ideal person: kind-hearted, independent and ca not stand injustice. It must be hard on Darin having to explain all the weird stuff that goes on. Larry Tate is my favorite character and I think he is the best person on the show. He is so funny.

    I think everyone should learn to like Bewitched.
  • great show, a classic witch story with a bit off a twist.

    This was the one of the best shows for magic and fantasy, it was in my oppinion the best sitcom in its time.
    its a show for the whole family even for little kids especially when samantha and darren had a child, Tabitha who did several magic things she was not allowed to do and as a child you wished you could do all the stuff Tabitha did.
    I cant remember seeing the whole show , it ran for a total of 8 seasons but in my book overall its a great show and i especially loved the jokes samantha's family played on Darrin and his boss.
  • a wonderful show that has a catchi song to it

    i think this show bewitched even though i was not from that decade i was from the 90s i still watched every ep and own all the boxsets to the show . bewitch was about a witch that fell in love with a mortal man and they live togeather and the show is well putogeather by using her powers to help out situations for her or him. the people around them think something funny is going on all time. like one ep where she is spieing on the new neighbors with banockulars. i think this show was realy good and that is why i gave it a 7.5
  • show was ok,,

    good show but thought that dick York was the best of the Darren's, didn't like how the husbands treated theirs wife's around that time ,to much ordering around ,, would love to see out takes on that show some day ,if available, , , just to see how the green back ground worked, isn't that fellow who was on that show as well as the love boat still around? the fellow who played dr Bombay and the kids are still around,,on web site didn't say anything about the Bernie fellow ,
  • About a witch who tries to be a human

    I havent watched that many episodes yet but so far I like this show. I started watching this show when the movie Bewitched came out and I thought the movie was funny so I tried out the show and I ended up likeing the show alot. I think the concept of the show is great.
  • I only began watching reruns on Prime Network. Once I began watching it became quite funny for its time and have watched parts of Season 1 and Season 2 episodes. My favorite on Bewitched is Samantha, and Uncle that plays jokes on Samantha's husband. Each

    Bewitched is a great classic show. Glad to see it re-runed on weekends. It's also great to see Bewitched released on dvd as well. Keep up the great work!!! I was dissapointed however when I heard about the movie coming out, don't get me wrong Nicole Kidman is great but some shows are meant to be left on tv.
  • Love it

    Samantha and Darren are madly in love with each other and marry. Samantha reveals during the honeymoon that she's a witch. Darren is all right with that, but his meddling mother-in-law, who wanted Samantha to marry a warlock, isn't. The classic show revolves around Samantha masquerading as a mortal, trying to hide her magic from her nosy neighbors and fending off her mother.
  • Elizabeth Montgomery is wonderful!

    Elizabeth Montgomery is wonderful! This show is great you have to check it out reruns reruns reruns. I am so glad tvland is reairng it it is such a good show Bill Asher Liz make a great team! I have always loved this show it's ashame the movie runied it why does hollywood do stuff like that?
  • This is a really great show...

    This show always had something coming around the corner and it always had a new suprise. You could never guess what was going to happen next. It's a bad thing that this show got cancelled and I wish it never did. This shows has been so influential and so amusing and entertaining that I can't figure out why it got cancelled in the first place.

    More shows to come like this I hope.
  • This seminal series was cotton candy television: sweet, sugary, and totally devoid of nutritional value. But just try to resist it...

    From the first tinkling strains of its beginning theme song through the end credits, Bewitched is the closest television gets to a sugar rush.

    The weekly, fantastic tale of witch Samantha Stephens, married to mortal Durwood, er, Darwin, er Darrin Stephens featured an incredibly well-written and delightfully acted ensemble cast, including Samantha's meddling mother Endora, Darrin's unprincipled boss, Larry Tate and the perpetually nosy neighbor, Gladys Kravitz.

    While the episodes usually revolved around some calamitous event brought on by magic, or Samantha's earnest efforts to avoid using her powers (you see, Darrin has forbidden her to use magic), the show had a knack for lightheartedly touching on issues of the day, while remaining funny and accessible. The series spawned numerous fantasy-themed copycats, None of them, of course, even approached the unique charm of the original. There is a reason Bewitched has remained in syndication for over 40 years!

    One last note: for my money, there is only one Darrin- Dick York is the man, baby!
  • A witch married to an ordinary man cannot resist using her magicical powers to solve the problems her family faces.

    Bewitched is a true classic of 60’s television. The sitcom featured delightful and memorable characters who shone in every episode. The plot centers around the hilarious mishaps caused when Samantha uses her magic to solve some of the typical problems associated with being a housewife. Gifted actress Agnes Moorehead portrays Samantha's mischievous, heavily made up, red headed mother Endora who does everything by magic, and detests her daughter's mere mortal husband frequently uses her magic to make the life of her son in law miserable. With Endora always 'popping' in to visit her daughter it's guaranteed that Darrin will be blow his top every time as he and Endora are always at each other's throats. Add to this Samantha and Darrin’s nosy next door neighbour who is constantly trying to catch Samantha using her magic, Darrin’s bossy employer, and the multiple witches and warlocks who habitually interrupt the everyday household routine and you have the making of innocent, yet incredibly funny show which is still highly entertaining all these years later.
  • Asher levou o projeto para a Columbia Television, para ser apreciado por William Dozier (que depois produziria a série de TV Batman).

    Elizabeth Montgomery nasceu em Abril de 1.933 e já nos anos 50 começou a atuar em Tv (mais precisamente em 1.951). Seus pais – Robert Montgomery e Elizabeth Allen – pertenciam ao meio televisivo. Sua primeira aparição foi no programa do pai - Robert Montgomery Presents. Bastante ativa em termos de casamento, seu primeiro matrimônio foi em 1.954 com Frederick Gallatin Gamman. Em 1.957 casou-se com o ator Gig Young. Em 1.963 casou-se com o produtor William Asher, após ter trabalhado com o mesmo no filme Johnny Cool. Foi quando decidiram desenvolver um programa onde ele fosse o produtor e ela a estrela. O projeto concebido por ambos mostrava o dia a dia de um frentista que trabalhava num posto de gasolina, contrapondo-se ao dia a dia da esposa, uma mulher da alta sociedade. O desnível social entre ambos e o eterno conflito entre homem e mulher seriam as bases desse seriado. Asher levou o projeto para a Columbia Television, para ser apreciado por William Dozier (que depois produziria a série de TV Batman). Dozier parece não ter se entusiasmado muito com a idéia mas achou-a parecida com outro projeto, criado em 1.961, por Harry Ackerman. A idéia de Ackerman era mostrar um casal se conflitando, mas não por diferenças sociais e sim porque o homem – um publicitário promissor - casa-se com uma bela feiticeira. Asher gostou da idéia e sugeriu que ambos se unissem na produção da série desde que Elizabeth Montgomery fosse a estrela principal. A partir daí, uniram-se ao grupo de Sol Saks, para desenvolvimento do episódio piloto.
  • What made the show so wonderful was that is has characters we can all relate to with a twist, witchcraft.

    This is classic television at its best. It has an interesting plot, a moral marries a witch. He does not want his wife to use her magical powers. She tries to be good but alas every episode; she is forced to use her magic. The show is fast paced with quick and funny lines. The characters are endearing and realistic. They all have their good and flawed sides. You can relate someone in your own life to each of them. You have the proud husband who wants to make his success on his own. You have the crazy Aunt who is having difficulties with her memories. You have the mother-in-law who feels no man is good enough her wonderful daughter. You have a wife who is trying hard to please everyone in her life. What made the show so wonderful was that is has characters we can all relate to with a twist, witchcraft. In addition, it shows the witchcraft as good.
  • Bewitched, the best sitcom ever before it reached the last seasons.

    I loved bewitched. The storylines were very intriging and the characters were excellent. The only thing I hated about the shows was the switch in the Darrens. Personally, I did like Dick York better as he added more personality to the character Darren Stephens. Also, It really began to fall when Samantha stopped twitching her nose, which I thought ruined the whole reason for the show. None the less, I will never get tired of watching the repeats of Bewithced, as they were plotted very well and created suspense in every single episode. Hey, it was 1970, you had to do something to keep the show going and the viewers happy.
  • Bewitched was another fantasy show,this one dealing with a witch trying to live in a mortal world with her mortal husband.Samantha was wonderfully played by Elizabeth Montgomery,and over the years there were 2 Darrins,first Dick York,then Dick Sargent

    Although Bewitched was another fantasy series,unlike most of the others,which focused on situations arising from use of magic powers or whatever,there was much more emphasis on character development in this series.William Asher(Montgomerys husband at the time)was the creative force behing the series,having cut his teeth on I Love Lucy.The original producer was Danny Arnold,best known for Barney Miller,which was famous for focusing on characters rather than wacky situations.The black and white episodes have a very differant feel from the later color episodes.Of course,it was early in the series,and there was much exploration of the problems of newlyweds,especially as it pretains to a mixed marriages.There was a lot of hidden social commentary as well,though that remained an element throughout the series run.There were many changes in actors over the course of the years besides the Darrins.The first was when Alice Pearce who played nosy neighbor Gladys Kravitz so well,passed away following the 2nd season.And Marion Lorne who portrayed lovable Aunt Clara also passed on during the 4th season.The show became increasingly wacky as the years went on,and it became obvious that it was running out of ideas,when more and more scripts were recycled.By the end,it was clear that Elizabeth Montgomerys heart was not in it any more.But at its best,it was a show with a great deal of heart.And many episodes are still very funny today.
  • i used to watch it when it was on before sabrina.....

    i used to watch it when it was on before sabrina,it\'s a pretty cool show.the main reason i watched it though was because of tabitha she is soooooooo cute!ummmm it\'s like the only thing from like that time i\'ve watched and i think it\'s a really cute little show especially you would like it if you actually like grew-up when it was first airing when i\'m not sure when but yeah i think it\'s a nice show especially in like the third season or whatever when tabitha played more of a role in the show but yeah i give it about 9/ should watch it if you havn\'t seen it already which you probably have.
  • A good Show

    A show about a witch that is married with a human and try to not use her magic an live a normal life sound fun. This show is one of my favorites talking about classic. I saw this show after I see I dream of Jeanie. The remarke of Bewithed, The movie was good. This show is very good and I want that this show it will be for this age because is old and I like the show of the 90's and 2000 and is strange that I like one show before that years. Because of this another show that I like is Sabrina The Teenage Witch
  • Oh, Darwin

    Bewitched was a cult classic back in the ‘60s and ’70s and I can truly see why. The situations Sam is in are very much what girls hoped their lives would be like but given a fun, magical twist. This doesn’t mean that guys won’t like the show. Heck, I’m a guy. The only thing which might bug people is the comedy. We’ve heard it all before. However there are those rare occasions when it does make you laugh. There are some very corny episodes and not a single episode is really stellar but it is a good show to watch in the AM. Definitely worth a watch.
  • A beautiful witch marries a mortal human and chaos ensues.

    I can still remember the day I figured out that Elizabeth Montgomery played both Samantha and Serena. I was born just a few months before this show started so I literally grew up watching this show. I liked it then and I still like it now.

    Samantha had unbelievable control to not use her magic more than she did. Her husband didn't want to her use it at all ... unless it was to fix something that one of her relatives had done. Even with the change of actors playing the husband the show went off without hardly a bump.
  • A 60s gem.

    "Bewitched" is certainly before my time, but I still find it a great show and I'm thrilled it's now available on DVD. There are very few shows from the 60s that I like - the top two being "Dark Shadows" and "Bewitched".

    "Bewitched" is a fantastical family show about an ordinary man who is blown away to discover that his new wife is a witch. His love for her keeps him from running away but he is always trying to keep her from using her powers.

    The show changed a lot from beginning to end. Sometimes it dealt mainly with relationships and marriage life, and other times dealt mainly with fantastical plots, especially after the birth of Tabitha, their daughter witch.

    Finally the show is available on DVD, and a feature film starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell has been made.

    If you haven't seen this show yet and don't know if you want to buy it on DVD, TV Land airs the show every day.
  • A classic family sitcom that will remain a classic family sitcom forever...

    Who can honestly say that they don't like Bewitched? Most of us can't. I am a fan of Bewitched and always will be. I've been watching since I was very young and continue to watch it on TV Land and am thinking about buying the first season on DVD. The crazy spells of Samantha Stevens make you laugh and keep you interested throughout the entire show. Though I'm more of a fan of Darren #1, I think the series got better as the seasons went on. Samantha, Darren, Tabitha, Andora, Esmerelda, Dr. Bombay, Larry, Mrs. Kravitz, the entire series was a riot and will always remain a classic in my book.
  • Setting the standard high!

    Although before my time, Bewitched is one of my favorites! I have been watching the reruns for years and still love them. I believe this show set the standard for television today. Many magical shows have come and gone but this one remains on top.

    This show follows a witch and mortal who marry and live together in the mortal world. The mother in law continually plays tricks on the mortal husband. This show started the “magic” of television. I believe that we have this show to thank for many of the “magical” shows we have today!

    Overall a timeless classic!
  • Thoughts on the show

    I loved Bewitched because it let you make beleive you can twitch your nose and make things happen. The shows in the beginning were more believable then the later shows. My favorite episodes were the old black and whites. The show changed when it went to color. It did live slightly pass its prime, but it is still was a remarkable show nontheless.
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