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  • Elizabeth Montgomery was TV's First Sexy Witch

    Bewitched in many ways was almost The Liz Montgomery Show until a failed pilot concerning actress Tammy Grimes as a witch was presented to her. What happened was the birth of one of television's best and most loved shows. Liz Montgomery, daughter of actor Robert Montgomery, was beautiful, magical and demurely sexy. Guys watched the show because they were in love with her; they wanted a girl just like her to make their dreams come true. Girls watched because they loved the romance of a husband and wife trully in love with each other. Darren Stephens, played best by Dick York, had to really love Samantha despite the trials and tribulations placed upon him by his mother-in-law Endora, the worst and most mischievous mother-in-law in history. Despite the erotic possibilities Darren missed out on, Samantha could have turned into any woman or divulged into any of his fantasies, the series missed the mark on a lot of paranormal facts, and used its magical setting to unleash a lot of creative license but no credible information about real witches. For example, even if she was a witch, Samantha would not or should have had the ability to time travel or have lived for two hundred years. Tabitha should not have "inherited" her mother's powers. Real witches have to develop their skills and training based on their discipline, training, knowledge and enlightenment of the mystical (not necessarily black ) arts. That's why so many witches are portrayed or considered as old women; my only resolution is that Samantha, Tabitha and even Sabrina much later on must actually be some sort of alternate human race with advanced psychokinetic powers. The series missed the mark with cameos by elves, fairies and ETs. Witches may have recieved powers from pagan deities, but they were never visited by them. The ghost episodes were okay, though, because witches do have low to high perception of psychic phenomenon. On the whole, the series suffered greatly with York's absence and should have stopped there. Dick Sargent was a harder, meaner Darren and less of a romantic than York who even had a sense of humor with the insanity around him. The last three seasons with Sargent were largely the same as they recreated all of York's episodes - a sure sign that the series had run out of ideas.