Bewitched (1972)

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  • This seminal series was cotton candy television: sweet, sugary, and totally devoid of nutritional value. But just try to resist it...

    From the first tinkling strains of its beginning theme song through the end credits, Bewitched is the closest television gets to a sugar rush.

    The weekly, fantastic tale of witch Samantha Stephens, married to mortal Durwood, er, Darwin, er Darrin Stephens featured an incredibly well-written and delightfully acted ensemble cast, including Samantha's meddling mother Endora, Darrin's unprincipled boss, Larry Tate and the perpetually nosy neighbor, Gladys Kravitz.

    While the episodes usually revolved around some calamitous event brought on by magic, or Samantha's earnest efforts to avoid using her powers (you see, Darrin has forbidden her to use magic), the show had a knack for lightheartedly touching on issues of the day, while remaining funny and accessible. The series spawned numerous fantasy-themed copycats, None of them, of course, even approached the unique charm of the original. There is a reason Bewitched has remained in syndication for over 40 years!

    One last note: for my money, there is only one Darrin- Dick York is the man, baby!