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  • Season One Review:

    I'm sure most of you have heard of this show, or most likely even seen a few episodes. It's classic tv at its best. The show traveled to new frontiers in television that had never really been explored. About a witch who covers up her ¨secret life¨ at the request of her husband, Samantha Stephens is more or less "in the closet." Originally, TV producers said this show was supposed to be used as propaganda against prejudice, but based on the actor list (ahem, Paul Lynde, Dick Sergeant, Agnes Moorehead, others...) I'd say one could limit it to a certain type of prejudice! Homophobia!

    Best Episode: A is for Aardvark: Episode 17--which is only halfway through the first season, a season with an incredible 36 episodes! No wonder it took me so long to finish! Darrin sprains his ankle, and as a way to save her self a lot of time and effort, "Sam"antha makes it so the house does whatever Darrin wants. I guess you could say a precursor to SmartHouse (without the Disney and corny villain). Reason Why it's the Best: Really serious episodes of Bewitched are hard to come by, at least in my experience, and I've been watching Bewitched for a lifetime! If you want to see Elizabeth Montgomery in a very serious role, watch until the end of the episode--if she doesn't have you in tears, then you might have some advice to give, on how to be insensitive! One particular scene Lizzy reminds me COMPLETELY of Judy Garland. I feel like we should be searching for Kansas again soon, but then I remember, I'm IN Kansas.