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  • What do you get when a beautiful young witch marries a mortal? Why, that's easy! One of the funniest and best television sit-coms of the 1960s!

    Darrin and Samantha Stevens are like any other happily married young couple in 1964 America ... Well, not QUITE like every other couple because while Darrin is as normal as the day is long, his beautiful wife just happens to be a bona-fide witch!

    "Bewitched" ran for eight wonderful seasons with Elizabeth Montogery, Dick York, Dick Sargent, Agnes Moorehead and a host of guest stars entertaining us with their antics, magical and otherwise, week after week.

    Darrin is a hard-working advertising executive who works for the firm of McMann and Tate. His boss, Larry Tate, is more concerned about money than anything else but Darrin wants to do a good job and win the respect of his boss as well as his clients.

    Darrin loves his wife very much - it's just her relatives he can't cope with; mother-in-law Endora, dotty Aunt Clara, annoying Uncle Arthur and vivacious Cousin Serena just to name a few.

    Darrin does his best to hide the fact that Samantha is a witch from his family, friends and colleagues, but this isn't always easy, especially when Endora (superbly portrayed by Agnes Moorehead) does everything in her power to make his mortal existence as difficult as possible. No wonder he loses his temper upon occasion!

    This show is a timeless classic which can be enjoyed again and again. The whole family will love it!
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