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  • Forget Nicole - Elizabeth Montgomery was the original and best.

    This show is an all time classic. That said it is more than a little cringeworthy to re-watch old episodes. Sexist to say the least. Sam should have told Darren to get over himself and lived her own life instead of turning her back on magic.

    But hey ho, it was the sixties after all.

    Elizabeth Montgomery sparkles as a witch who marries a human and tries to live the life of a domestic housewife in American suburbia. Needless to say, magic follows her wherever she goes. When the actor playing husband Darren was replaced nobody batted an eyelid - this was even mentioned in a future episode of Roseanne when they replaced the actress playing Becky. I don't have strong memories of either actor frankly. Mainly that the second one was rather skinny with the same shaped head.

    I wanted to be Tabitha. Sadly no matter how much I tried I was unable to make my nose twitch. I thought that if it did I would be able to make magic myself.

    Twas not to be.