Bewitched (1972)

Season 5 Episode 29

Samantha's Shopping Spree

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 17, 1969 on ABC

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  • Department store shopping for Tabitha

    Instead of twitching up a dress, Samantha's interest in mortal life requires her to shop for dresses the mortal way. But on her way out, a family member shows up in Tabitha's jack in the box. Thinking it's Uncle Albert, Sam is surprised it's actually cousin Henry. Just in time to create some tension, in waves Endora. Apparently, Endora is not liked by cousin Henry and Endora feels just the same about Henry. But because Henry has nothing better to do, he decides to drive with Sam to Hinckley's Department Store and Sam comes along.

    Anything having to do with mall culture, which hit its peak in the 1980's but started in the 1950's, interests me, so of course I enjoyed the shopping scenes. I really don't remember a store having such few racks, but alas, Sam and Endora busily shop the 4T section for cute dresses for Tabitha in the $5 and under range (Endora attempts unsuccessfully to buy a pink chiffon number for Tabitha in the tune of $14.95).

    Henry gets frustrated while in the men's section, looking at coats he believes are overpriced and shoddily made, so typical of a man either mortal or warlock, and to spite the clerk, waves one into shreds before the clerk's eyes. Then Henry changes the cute, newbish sales clerk into a Ram (an . Ram no less!) then a mannequin. And naturally, just like on every other Bewitched, lets Sam stew by snapping himself away to extricate himself from the situation and cause Sam to yell into the ozone, "Henry, come back!" If it's not Henry, then it's Mother, if it's not Endora, then it's Maurice.

    Endora takes Tabitha home to let Sam fix the problem, and meanwhile, unlike most spells, the sales clerk can actually talk and others can actually hear him. This leads to some embarrassment when Sam shushes him around the main clerk, played by the actor as Henry Mitchell from Dennis the Menace fame. The problem now is that the other clerks and staff can hear the mannequin talk and Sam has to cover for him, saying she thought he was so lifelike to actually mistake him for being real.

    Eventually, the son's father, who is Mr. Hinckley and the owner of the store, believes him to have failed on his first day of real work after college, since he cannot be located and has only sold to Samantha two low end dresses his first day. Later on, Sam tries to find the mannequin and has to break into the store room, as naturally, the mannequin was not expected on the floor and was removed.

    Not very much in the way of magic, and very predictable as always, but Sam manages to carry the episode with her usual charisma and appeal.
  • Cousin Henry, a warlock, goes shopping with Samantha, Endora and Tabitha.

    In an incredibly boring and totally unfunny episode, Samantha, Endora and little Tabitha are accompanied on a shopping trip to a big department store by their cousin, Henry, who is a warlock. As they look for appropriate dresses for Tabitha, Endora is disgusted that Samantha chooses the cheaper dresses for her granddaughter.

    While in the store, Cousin Henry is less than impressed by a young salesman who is the son of the store's owner and so, he decides to turn him into a mannequin. Samantha is quite frantic about this but she rectifies things and then tops it all off by telling the gruff owner of the store what a great salesman his shy son is. Very dull, in my opinion.