Bewitched (1972)

Season 5 Episode 14

Samantha's Super Maid

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 02, 1969 on ABC

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  • Some of the cutest witchcraft scenes

    The plot of the little number is not the most unusual or compelling, but it sure is lots of fun. Mrs Stevens, Darren's mother, comes to visit Sam pushing an agenda that Sam hire a maid, freeing Sam up for valuable social interaction with Darren's prospective clientele.

    Of course one of the maids who arrived on the scene is not to anyone's liking, and then Amelia arrives. Elderly clean, happy and charming, Amelia gets the job. But is the Stevens house the type of work environment that is typical maid could cope with?

    Thankfully, Endora comes in and gives them the shows most intriguing idea. Maybe the witches can force Amelia to quit, by sheer overwork? Some of my favorite witchcraft in Bewitched happens next. Endora causes a storm to blow through the window, making an absolute mess of every room in the house, with the idea that Amelia will be forced to quit when she realizes the mess is way too much for one person to clean. But that is not to be, because Amelia is too stubborn to know when to quit legitimately wants to try her hardest, even when Mrs Stevens brings to the home a wealthy, spoiled socialite in a mink stole.

    Fan of sixties costuming and glamour will love this episode for Samantha's brilliant Paisley Nehru dress, a spectacular tiger striped swing coat worn by Endora, & a fantastic peacock printed dress worn by Mrs Stevens. Also spectacular is the sky blue silk striped saree- like dress worn by Endora in her spellcasting scenes.
  • Darrin's mother insists that he and Samantha must hire a maid.

    As usual, Mrs. Stephens is sticking her nose into Darrin and Samantha's business but this time, she may be on the right track when she insists that they hire a maid to give Samantha some help around the house.

    The perfect maid, a lady named Amelia, gets the job and the whole family is delighted with her. She is an excellent cook, doesn't mind how messy things get with Tabitha around and will cheerfully take on any task assigned to her. The only prolem is, with witchcraft abounding and witches and warlocks popping in all over the place, Samantha and Darrin regretfully have to get her to leave so Samantha uses just a little bit of witchcraft to have Amelia offered a wonderful job with another family.

    It's a pity that Amelia had to go, the actress did an excellent job and I think she would have fitted in very well with the rest of the cast. A fun and entertaining episode all round.