Bewitched (1972) - Season 4

ABC (ended 1972)




Episode Guide

  • Splitsville
    Episode 33
    Samantha eyes Gladys Kravitz sitting on the curb late one night and finds out that Gladys is leaving Abner. Samantha invites her to stay with them, but soon must figure out how to bring the Kravitzes back together before Gladys drives Darrin and Samantha crazy.
  • Man of the Year
    Episode 32
    Darrin is named advertiser of the year, but he is not affected by the glory. Endora gives him a huge ego by putting a spell on him that makes anyone who comes within a few feet of him charmed by his every idea.
  • The No-Harm Charm
    Episode 31
    After Larry blames Darrin for losing a huge account, Uncle Arthur gives Darrin an amulet that is supposed to make him invincible from harm. As he's trying to win back the lost account, Darrin thinks there's no reason to worry when a bank robber holds them up.
  • 4/18/68
    When Aunt Clara tries to retrieve Tabitha's runaway remote control spaceship, she zaps up a real one with real aliens. While Aunt Clara tries to remember the spell, Gladys sees the ship and decides to involve the Air Force.
  • A Majority of Two
    Episode 29
    Aunt Clara falls for a new McMann and Tate client named Kensi Mishimoto after being dumped by her boyfriend Ocky. Samantha gets involved by reuniting Clara and Ocky, but to Larry's dismay, this makes Mishimoto leave in a huff for the airport.
  • I Confess
    Episode 28
    What would happen if everyone knew that Samantha was a witch? Darrin finds out the answer when Samantha puts him under a dream spell which displays the Stephenses being exploited by Larry, the Kravitzes and the US Armed Forces.
  • 3/28/68
    Larry wants Samantha to convince his new client, Mr. Baker, to update his firm. In order to do that, Samantha leads Baker to believe that the ghost of his Uncle Willie has come back to tell him to do something about his company's image.
  • Playmates
    Episode 26
    Phyllis takes Samantha and Tabitha to meet the Millhowsers. Gretchen is a stickler for child psychology and does everything by clinical books. Michael, her son, wishes he was a dog not knowing that you should be careful what you wish for around Tabitha!
  • 3/14/68
    The use of magic powers comes to a head between Darrin and Samantha when they get caught in the rain with a flat tire. After a huge fight, Endora hopes that Samantha will take Tabitha and leave Darrin.
  • 2/29/68
    A flipped number in the Stephenses' home address creates confusion and artificial grass is delivered on their lawn. The real owner wants to know what happened to his artificial lawn and finds out that Darrin has it--right as Samantha zaps it away.
  • McTavish
    Episode 23
    Aunt Clara learns that her old boyfriend Ocky has opened an old English castle for tourists, which is the home of McTavish, a ghost who is scaring away visitors. Samantha suggests that McTavish find some other place to haunt, and he decides to haunt her house right as Darrin's parents arrive.moreless
  • A Prince of a Guy
    Episode 22
    Tabitha brings Prince Charming out of a fairy tale book and Helen, Darrin's cousin, falls for him. Her fiance, Ralph, doesn't like this arrangement one bit, but Larry likes it and thinks that the prince will be perfect for TV commercials. To sway the prince away from Helen, Samantha pops in Sleeping Beauty.moreless
  • 2/1/68
    Serena lands on the front page of the morning news, which lands Darrin in a lot of trouble with the Tates who think it's Sam in the photo. Darrin tries to convince the Tates that the photo is Samantha's cousin Serena. Unfortunately, Darrin makes matters worse by insulting Serena and she decides to teach him a lesson.moreless
  • If They Never Met
    Episode 20
    Endora wants to know what life would be like if Samantha and Darrin had never met. Endora and Samantha travel to an alternate present of "what could have been" and find out that Darrin is engaged to marry Sheila Sommers and become part of her millionaire father's family.
  • Snob in the Grass
    Episode 19
    Remember Sheila Sommers from the pilot? Well, she's back and Larry wants Darrin to go with her to get her father's account for McMann and Tate. At a dinner party, Sheila is up to her usual tricks, and Samantha unleashes a few of her own.
  • Once in a Vial
    Episode 18
    Endora enlists Samantha's old boyfriend Rollo to get Samantha away from Darrin. Endora's plan backfires when Rollo creates a love potion for Samantha but Endora drinks it instead. Endora is set to marry a client of Darrin's and she zaps Samantha away when Samantha tries to interfere.
  • 12/28/67
    Samantha needs help painting her house, and Aunt Clara conjures up the most famous painter of all time, Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci is mad when he learns that his famous Mona Lisa painting will be used in Darrin's campaign to sell toothpaste. Samantha then gets him to create another best-selling idea.moreless
  • 12/21/67
    Samantha gets a mean, miserly manager named Mr. Mortimer to change his thoughts about Christmas and gets him to really think about others.
  • 12/14/67
    Samantha hires her childhood witch nanny named Elspeth, much to the dismay of her previous owner, Lord Montdrake. He is incensed and takes his rage out on Darrin to get Elspeth back.
  • 12/7/67
    Darrin is planning to surprise Samantha with a rocking chair, but Endora thinks that he is fooling around with another woman. This woman, in fact, is the saleslady that Darrin makes the final payment to. To see what he is up to, Endora puts a spell on him causing his ears to grow when he tells a lie. The more Darrin lies about the surprise, the more his ears start growing.moreless
  • 11/30/67
    Samantha insists that Endora zap away the new pony for Tabitha before Darrin gets home. Endora tells her not to worry, the pony IS Darrin. Once changed back, Darrin orders Endora out of the house. At the office, Endora sends a "live" framed photo of her that Darrin cannot escape. A client named Mr. Gregson wants to meet Darrin's mother-in-law, who must be a special woman for Darrin to keep her photo on his desk. The dinner goes well, particularly since Endora has become the queen of charm. After witnessing a tiff between the Tates over Larry's mother-in-law, Gregson suggests that Darrin should open his own ad firm. Larry doesn't like this one bit and refuses to speak to Darrin. It's up to Samantha to set things right between Larry and Darrin.moreless
  • 11/23/67
    To get into the Thanksgiving spirit, Aunt Clara zaps the Stephenses and Gladys (who just happened to be nosing around) to seventeenth century Plymouth. Darrin lights a fire with a modern match and is charged for witchery. Samantha then defends him at the trial and Darrin is cleared. Aunt Clara brings them back and Gladys runs off to tell Abner about her fantastic trip, but at soon as she reaches her door, Samantha changes her costume.moreless
  • 11/16/67
    Because of a dodo bird Tabitha materializes, Endora and Clara have their powers switched! Dr. Bombay finds this out and returns the witches to normal.
  • 11/9/67
    Darrin and Samantha are in Chicago to work on the Springer Pet Food account. Babysitter Aunt Clara panics when Tabitha brings one of her toys to life. Samantha pops home to check up just when Louise arrives at the Stephens home. Major confusion ensues when Larry gets word that Samantha is at home, not in Chicago with Darrin. When Mr. Springer sees Sam and Tabitha outside McMann & Tate, he realizes that she was indeed the woman in Chicago with Darrin, and the problem is solved. Well, the problem is solved except that Louise is sent to a psychiatrist for seeing things. Samantha saves the day by introducing Louise to her lookalike cousin Serena.moreless
  • 11/2/67
    The Stephenses are watching home movies, but encounter a problem when the sound is not in sync with the picture. Aunt Clara tries to help out, but ends up making Samantha seem like she is in a badly-dubbed movie when her voice is out of sync with her mouth. Phyllis is baffled by Sam's condition and the ensuing side effects of Dr. Bombay's cure, and calls Frank to come get her.moreless
  • 10/26/67
    It's another eventful Halloween on Morning Glory Circle. Despite Darrin's concern, Samantha reads Tabitha an every day mortal Halloween bedtime story. Unfortunately, Tabitha materializes three spooks out of the pages of her book. On Halloween, the magical pranksters follow Tabitha and Samantha out for an evening of trick or treat, with mostly tricks. After Samantha finally realizes what Tabitha has done, she pops all the spooks back to home. The problem is, Gladys's nephew, Tommy, has traded places with one of them. They end up turning Tommy into a goat, and Tabitha ends up returning the ghouls to their rightful place.moreless
  • 10/19/67
    Endora assists Darrin in getting his old college golf game back. Although Darrin is invigorated, it is not enough to out-golf a client, Mr. Baxter, who is a major golf pro. Larry, skittish that McMann and Tate will lose an account, warns Darrin not to beat Baxter. Samantha gives Darrin an extra magical boost when Baxter's exasperated wife wishes that he would lose, for just once.moreless
  • No Zip in My Zap
    Episode 6
    Samantha malfunctions because she doesn't use her powers as often as she used to. For a cure, Dr. Bombay has her float in the air for the time being. Meanwhile, Darrin has a meeting with his former girlfriend Mary Jane, who happens to be his new client. He calls Samantha to tell her, but Endora says that she is flying. Of course, Darrin thinks that Samantha has turned into a fly to spy on his meeting!moreless
  • Cheap, Cheap
    Episode 5
    When Darrin makes Samantha return a coat, Endora puts a spell on him to turn him into a penny-pinching cheapskate. Things get worse when a bewitched Darrin seems to out-Scrooge a cheap client, Mr. Bigelow.
  • 9/28/67
    Endora is fed up. Samantha's loyalty to her marriage is keeping her from her responsibilities as Queen of the Witches. While Samantha is out, Endora calls Serena to impersonate Sam and make a shambles of their marriage. Darrin finally realizes that it is Serena, and plans on turning the tables--right as the real Samantha arrives home home.moreless
  • 9/21/67
    To get in good graces with an Italian client, Darrin must learn how to speak Italian. Endora, anxious for Samantha to travel Europe again, gives Darrin a perfect Italian tongue. Her spell, however, is too strong, and "Dino" no longer understands English. His new clients begin to think that Darrin is mocking them, and Samantha interrupts Endora's bath and demands she remove the spell.moreless
  • Toys in Babeland
    Episode 2
    Endora babysits Tabitha, but has to leave for a party. She finds a perfect babysitter -- in a toy that she brings to life! Of course, Tabitha copies Endora's spell and brings all of her toys to life. Big mistake!
  • 9/7/67
    Year four of the "witch-com" starts with a bang when Samantha discovers that she's the chosen one to become the Queen of the Witches. After a series of happenings in the house, where Samantha holds court after midnight, Darrin escapes to the safety and sanity of his favorite bar.