Bewitched (1972)

Season 8 Episode 19

Serena's Youth Pill

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 1972 on ABC

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  • We see Cousin Serena for the last time and on this visit, Larry Tate is her target.

    Serena is at Samantha's house when Larry Tate pays a visit. Larry is usually worried about getting as rich as possible as quickly as possible but on this occasion, he is more interested in worrying about the fact that he feels he is growing old. Serena was probably the wrong person to impart that information to as she immediately uses magic to make Larry ten years younger. To say that everyone is surprised by the transformation is an understatement, but Larry keeps getting younger and younger, almost by the minute, and that becomes positively alarming!

    Samantha quickly becomes aware of what Serena has done and insists that she put things back the way they were. Reluctantly, she does so, but we are left wondering whether or not Larry is actually happy with being his 'old self' again.
  • Larry does a little Vitamin V!

    The scene's setting is the Stephens' home, and Serena is annoyed when Sam needs her to babysit the kids. Serena is about to be nominated Miss Navel in a very cute black side tie monokini with a giant heart. She agrees to babysit but heads out to continue her St. Tropez tan on the Stephens' patio recliner. When Larry Tate knocks on the door to return Darrin's putter, he figures someone's home, and using the side gate, approaches Serena. The two engage in witty conversation full of sexual double entendres (alas, Serena does not call Larry "cotton top", by favorite of all the nicknames in the series). Thinking fast, Serena tries to seduce Larry with a pill she calls Vitamin V. "What's that stand for?" Larry asks. "Va va va VOOM!" replies Serena. The intro credits roll.

    Larry hops into his really cool Corvette and starts to drive home to Louise. When he arrives, he no longer is a cotton top! Instead, he hops out of his house a carrot top. There is a brief camera pan through the Tate residence, which is an opulent set, with a curtained set of stairs just inside the foyer. Louise is shocked. And the fun starts to ensue, with Larry not 100% convinced he's getting younger, and not 100% noticing everyone's reactions to him. One thing Larry knows: he can make a fortune off these Vitamin pills!

    Back at the Stephens' home, Serena states to Sam that everything went fine and says nothing about the Vitamin (priceless: look at the cover of Serena's fashion mag: Harpies' Bazaar!). Darrin's not too happy about the Guernsey cow for the kids' milk but whatever. We are not done with Serena yet.

    This is one of my favorite episodes at this point, but it actually does get better! At the office, Larry forgets he has known Darrin for 10 years, and thinks he's interviewing Darrin for his job. He writes a note to Darrin that he "will become Vice President in 2 years" if he is still working for McMann and Tate. He dates the note 1961. In this "interview" with Darrin, he talks about himself and the firm, and reveals he was in the Navy. (At this point, wondering if he is a World War 2 veteran, something perhaps David White added to Larry's character?)

    Later, Samantha and Darrin go into his office to check up on him, and Larry is now a high schooler (although the high school actor has brown eyes, he could have been cast a bit better but is still suitably Larry-like). He doesn't know what's going on and why he is in the present-day Larry's office The high school Larry tells the Stephenses the last thing that happened to him was that he was playing hockey, about to make a goal. And that he can't be late for Amos & Andy.

    The Stephenses take him back to their house but on their way in, high school Larry is replaced with an 8 year old Larry wearing a huge suit before they even hit the door. This Larry doesn't know where he is, or who the Stephenses are, but knows he wants to hear the Lone Ranger. Inside, Louise is oddly resting on the couch (isn't Louise almost always resting on the couch?) Louise states that Serena has been talking about the "family doctor" (meaning Dr. Bombay) and wants to go to him. Darrin cautions her against it.

    But Louise notices something strange about 8 year old Larry (who's never seen a television set before), and Sam convinces the kid to go upstairs where Serena has the antidote. Fashionistas are going to love Serena's long sleeve dress with a high collar, low back and a fabulous springy paisley print shown from the back during tea.

    The kid is reluctant to take the antidote, but Sam convinces him and puts him on the bed to rest. Back downstairs, the gang except for Louise expect Larry to snap out of the spell and return to normal. Thankfully he does, and the Tates stay for dinner. But Larry refuses to grant him VP status when Darrin pulls out the note "from cleaning out some old Larry is a little sad about not making a fortune, but darn those pills had side effects.