Bewitched (1972)

Season 8 Episode 12

The Eight Year Itch Witch

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 1971 on ABC

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  • Samantha and Darrin have been married for 8 years, and as far as Endora is concerned, that is 8 years too long.

    Endora is less than pleased with the fact that, in spite of all her efforts to change the situation, Samantha and Darrin remain as firmly married as they ever were, even after eight years. She finds this an intolerable situation and sets about changing it to her advantage.

    With the aid of a beautiful witch named Ophelia, Endora does her level best to make Darrin unfaithful and Samantha jealous. When Darrin is unable to get home from a business trip due to bad weather, Samantha is very suspicious about the real reason for his having to stay away.

    Naturally, she soon learns that Endora is behind the whole scheme and domestic harmony is restored, but not before she has shown that even happily married witches can have doubts at some time or another.

    A good, solid and entertaining episode.