Bewitched (1972)

Season 1 Episode 8

The Girl Reporter

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 1964 on ABC

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  • When a young student reporter wants to interview Darrin about his career in advertising for her school newspaper, it soon becomes clear that she is more interested in Darrin himself than his work.

    Liza Randall (Cheryl Holdridge) is a young reporter for a school newspaper who wants to make Darrin the subject of an article. Darrin is very flattered and agrees to meet her, give the interview, and show her around his office on the weekend, when it will be quiet. When Liza arrives, however, sharp-eyed Samantha soon realises that the young girl's interests are in far more than getting a story; it's Darrin she wants! Naturally, Darrin is oblivious to this and tells Sam that she is overreacting, but Sam, with her female (and her witchy) intuition, knows better. Meanwhile, while Darrin is showing Liza around his office, Liza's jealous hulking boyfriend, Marvin 'Monster' Grogan, (Roger Ewing) shows up at the Stephens house looking for his girlfriend. He is clearly very jealous and Sam has to soothe him with tons of food and comforting words while, at the offices of McMahon and Tate, Liza does her best to seduce Darrin, which ends up with both of them covered in spilled alcohol and arriving back at the Stephens' house where 'Monster' takes a swing at Darrin and ends up with very sore hands due to the protective shield that Samantha quickly puts up to protect him. She doesn't, however, stop him from feeling the force when Liza slaps him across the face as she feels he needs to learn a lesson.

    All ends well when Liza and 'Monster'leave, happy again and Samantha and Darrin make up.