Bewitched (1972)

Season 6 Episode 7

To Trick or Treat or Not to Trick or Treat

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 1969 on ABC

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  • Oh dear, Endora isn't happy with the way Samantha is celebrating Halloween and that means trouble!

    Endora is furious that Samantha is celebrating Halloween in the traditional mortal way as she feels witches are unfairly depicted by mortal stereotyping.

    As Samantha protests, Endora becomes even more angry and decides that the whole thing is Darrin's fault as he is the one who condemmed Samantha to her dreary mortal life in the first place. To get her own back, Endora casts a spell on Darrin to turn him into the stereotypical hag of a witch - long nose, blackened teeth, warts and all! Samantha is dismayed but she can't undo another witch's spell and meanwhile, Larry likes Darrin's new look so much that he wants to use it in an ad campaign. Needless to say, not your average episode.
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