Bewitched (1972)

Season 2 Episode 3

We're in For a Bad Spell

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 1965 on ABC

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  • Samantha, Darrin and Aunt Clara help out a young man who is the unhappy carrier of a spell placed on his family several centuries earlier.

    Adam Newlarkin (William Redfield) is a man with a very big problem. A spell, in the form of a curse was placed on his family several hundred years ago and, in order to break the spell and stop himself being accused of bank robbery, Adam must perform some very bizzare rituals, aided, of course, by Samantha and others, and also, without his knowledge as they are certain that no mortal would believe that he was under a curse, so Samantha, Darrin and Aunt Clara (Marion Lorne) must band together to break the spell before poor Adam is hauled off to prison for a crime he didn't commit.

    At first, everything seems to be looking up for Adam who lands a new job at a local bank but when it's discovered that the spell has to be broken by 5pm.

    In a riouous romp during which, among other things, both Darrin and Aunt Clara push the poor young man 3 times into a swimming pool and where he is forced to ride through the streets wearing a Paul Revere costume yelling "Witches are good, witches are dear", the spell is finally broken and he and his family are free from the old curse and Adam is also found to be innocent of bank robbery when the real culprit; another staff member, is caught with the money.

    It turns out in the end that the vloak and dagger business regarding not telling Adam the truth about the spell on him was totally unnecessary, after all, he's from Salem, Massachusetts, the scene of the infamous Witch Trials, so he would have believed anything they told him!

    A very funny episode, full of mayhem and laughs. Great fun!