Bewitched (1972)

Season 1 Episode 9

Witch or Wife?

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 1964 on ABC

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  • When Larry decides to take his wife, Louise, to Paris with him, he leaves an already exhausted Darrin with a ton of work to do while Sam sits at home alone. Endora, however, has other ideas.

    Darrin is less than pleased when his boss, Larry Tate (David White) tells him that he is flying to Paris with his wife, Louise, (Irene Vernon) and that Darrin will need to get through all of Larry's work as well as his own while the Tates are away. This means that Samantha is going to be an office widow for some time as Darrin is going to be working late all week. While Sam is accepting of this as par for the course, Endora is very unimpressed and insists that she and Samantha go to Paris for lunch, promising that Samantha will be well and truly back before Darrin arrives home from work that evening.

    Mother and daughter are having a wonderful time until they are spotted by Larry and Louise who are stunned to find Samantha in Paris. Larry, thinking that Darrin has kindly sent his wife on a holiday while he is so busy working, telephones Darrin and creates all kinds of chaos as Darrin knows nothing about his wife's Paris trip. With no other choice, Samantha returns home so that she and Darrin can talk but she is surprised and hurt when he tells her that their marriage was a mistake because of everything she had to give up to marry a mortal. Try though she might, Samantha can't get through to her husband and so, returns to Paris, very angry. Meanwhile, Larry tries to help smooth things over by telling Darrin that Samantha misses him so Darrin decides to join her in the French capitol.

    By the use of witchcraft, (of course) Samantha manages to get on the same Paris-bound flight as Darrin and they head off for a nice, romantic and relaxing time together. A funny and touching episode of this excellent series.