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Welcome to the world of beyblading at It is intense and exciting. Imagine two tops charging at each other with magical creatures called bit beasts or special tops that draw the powers from the stars emerging from them! The first three seasons follow a team known as the Bladebreakers. They are using their bit beasts t try and become the World Champs, but many opposing teams also have bit beasts are are ready to fight and steal their if it means winning the titles for themselves. Find out if this team can live and cope together, even when they become rivals, in Beyblade, VForce, and GRevolution. Season 4 brings a new cast of characters, new rivals, and new villains to the front line. Join Gingka as he attempts to fulfill his fathers dream of sealing up the most evil beyblade the world has ever known- L-Drago. In order to do so he must defeat L-Drago and the current World Champion: Ryuga. The problem is he must form himself a team of rivals to increase his skills to do so, but where will he find these rivals at, and will any of them want to work with him? Regarding the network, please don't be confused by this guide. Seasons 1, 2, and 1/3 of 3 debuted on ABC Family. The rest of 3 debuted on Toon Disney, but the guide refuses to show it correctly if it debuted on more than one network. The Beyblade TV Special only aired on YTV. Seasons 4-7 debuted in the US on Cartoon Network, which hosted most of the World Premiere of the dub (YTV had the first handful of episodes and CN Australia had 4 episodes they premiered first, but the air dates are the CN USA air dates after the YTV premieres). Season 8 premiered first on YTV in Canada, and those are the dates used.

The seasons breakdown like this: Season 1- Beyblade, 2- VForce, 3- GRevolution, 4-Metal Fusion, 5- Metal Masters, 6- BeyWheelz & Metal Fury, 7- Shogun Steel, 8- BeyWarriros: BeyRaiderz, 9- BeyWarriors: Cyborg.


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Season 8 : Episode 13


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