Season 1 Episode 39

A Majestic Battle... A Majestic Victory?

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 09, 2002 on YTV
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A Majestic Battle... A Majestic Victory?
It's Kai versus Johnny and Tyson versus Robert for the right to go to the World Championships in Russia. Who will win the bout?

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      • Robert: We might have powerful bit beasts but they have team spirit, which we don't have.
        Oliver: That's why it felt weird when I tried to help Johnny earlier.

      • Max: Wow! We really had some cool matches with you guys! I can't wait to come back to Europe again!
        Enrique: Uh, do us a favor, next time you come to Europe, call first.

      • Robert: It's time we came clean about all our wrongdoings, Johnny. They're monsters now.
        Sanguinex: Hold it. We prefer the term: "humanly-challenged." It's hard getting respect as a Dark Blader!

      • Cenotaph: Tell me, is Tyson crazy or just reckless?
        Kenny: A little of column "A," and a little of column "B."

      • Zomb: Wait a sec. Who are we rooting for again?
        Lupinex: Who cares?! Both teams are a bunch of brats! The first to lose will feel the wrath of Lupinex!
        Sanguinex: No, brother...
        Cenotaph: Have you lost all of your wrath?
        Sanguinex: No, I could really go for some raw, unleashed wrath... But I feel there is goodness within Tyson and his friends, that must be protected...
        Dizzi: Don't forget the kind-hearted computer!

      • DJ Jazzman: Can Johnny get his bit beast free in time? Can Kai keep up his attack? Do I really need to shout like this?

      • Lupinex: It's taking all of my will-power to not leap into the ring and make that little rat pay for what he's done to me! I hope that I can control my rage!
        Kenny: Uh, yeah.
        Dizzi: He better be computer friendly!

      • Kenny: Uh... something wrong with our seats?
        Dizzi: Yeah... there's monsters in 'em!

      • Johnny: Robert's in trouble. Let's try that "team stuff."
        Oliver: I don't know what to do! Are we supposed to shout, or yell, or something?

      • Enrique: Johnny... are you gonna try TEAMWORK?
        Oliver: Do you even have an idea how to do it?
        Johnny: Well, we gotta do something, don't we? Our good names are about to get smeared by a pack of no-good, low-class nobodies!

      • Sanguinex: Your bravery and goodness have stayed our hands, my young friend.
        Tyson: Uh, groovy!

      • Kai: I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP!
        Ray: Always a pleasure talking with you, Kai...

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