Season 1 Episode 49

A Wicked Wind Blows

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM May 17, 2003 on YTV
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A Wicked Wind Blows
Kai Hiwatari lost the first round to the Demolition Boys and also his Dranzer to Spencer. Will Ray Kon ever make his way to a tie?

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  • In the final showdown of the BBA world championship Ray Kon battles his toughest enemy ever named Brian from the Demolition Boys.

    Kai Hiwatari easily lost his battle and bit-beast Dranzer to Spencer's Seaborg. Now its Ray's turn. His welcome to the stadium from Brian was a piece of the bey-stadium straight into Ray's stomach. Ray lost the first round but won the second round with his Driger battling against a Blader who has learnt to attack an enemy's blade as well as the Blader himself. Ray's clothes were torn apart too. In the third round howewer, Brian was in his ultimate form and was trying his best to knock Ray down, but Driger, his bit-beast protected him and Ray Kon won!moreless
  • The Worst of the Worst against the Determined of the Determined. Bryan was sent to make an example out of Rei and almost succeeded. Rei however proved him wrong and used his power and fought with Driger and beat Bryan, at a terrible price.moreless

    OMG! It's awesome and sad and cruel all at the same time. Bryan was introduced into the show by name finally and is sent to destroy Rei. Rei is defeated on one round, but defeats and knocks out Bryan at a cost: He nearly killed himself to do it. Really sad, but crucial as this gives Tyson the added effort and reason to stand up and face Tala in the finals. It's really good and cruel. I give it an A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++moreless
  • After Kai's first round lost to Spencer it's up to Ray to even the score, but he faces a ruthless blader by the name of Bryan who is not only trying to destroy Driger but Ray as well. Can Ray summon the strength to win and will it come with a cost?moreless

    A very good match to watch, Bryan looked like he was going to make short work of Ray with his ruthless wind cutters and hurricanes but Ray never gave up. Ray was able to fight back and pull out Driger's complete power, a good touch with Ray's hair coming all out and then when Driger sacrificed himself and destroyed Bryan's beyblade with a super powerful tiger claw. Despite the win Ray ends up in hospital, Tyson now determined as ever to not let Ray's efforts go in vein must summon all of his skill and strength to overcome Tala, Biovolts top blader and most ruthless and serious competitor.moreless
  • Something I would not expect.

    I would really not expect that to happen to Ray at the end.

    I think it made it more exciting and it shows that he has a lot of hair.

    I loved it when he stoped and talked to Tyson to see if he won.

    But as he fainted he smiled so he must of knowed that he won so it makes no point but it does at more drama.

    I would watch this won a million times and never get bored.

    I just love the way it is set out and I am going to bye it on DVD.

    Just that episode as it was that good.

  • A great battle between Ray and Bryan

    I just love this episode!

    There are more reasons for that; but what appealed most to me in this episode is Ray's determination and stubborness - he refused to give up and forfeit the match against Bryan. Not only he battled on when it seemed hopeless, his strong will - and the faith in his bitbeast - even gave him an upper hand in the end of the match, and the won, tying the score.

    Bryan, on the other hand, is shown as a sadistic and cruel bastard in this episode, who almost killed Ray, and that's the reason why many people hate him. Call me crazy, but that's one of the reasons Bryan's one of my favorite characters. I don't know why... But that's off the topic.

    Anyways, this episode is actually pretty painful to watch, but nevertheless, it's still stays as one of my favorite Beyblade episodes.moreless
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