Season 1 Episode 12

Adios Bladebreakers

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Aug 10, 2002 on YTV
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With his bitbeast gone, Ray loses all confidence and decides to leave the Bladebreakers. Can Tyson convince him to come back, or will Mariah convince him that the White Tigers team is his real home?

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  • An adventurous episode for Tyson and Max.

    Ray after losing his Bit Beast Driger, leaves the Bladebreakers and in search of finding and getting Driger. Tyson is informed the main part of a letter Ray left behind from Mr. Dickenson and goes off to find Ray. Max decides to go and join Tyson and is quick to catch up to him. Max and Tyson head off for a mountain that Tyson believes Ray is on and would you know it that Ray was really on it. Ray high up on the mountain is practicing and wondering how to get Driger back and suddenly Mariah comes and talks to him trying to convince him to come back. Tyson and Max are quick to arrive and say so your leaving us for them and questions why he is doing. Then Mariah challenges Tyson to a match and says whoever wins gets Ray on their team. However Ray quickly says He will battle instead of Mariah and if he wins he decides and if Tyson wins he must saty with the Bladebreakers. Ray wins and choses to stay with the Bladebreakers.moreless

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    • Tyson: (about Mariah and Lee) Did they just jumped off the cliff?
      Ray: Yeah, follow me?
      Tyson: Actually, I think I'll take the path.
      Max: I have an idea: How about you guys go ahead and call me a taxi?
      Ray: It's the only way down.
      Tyson: I gotta say, I've always been afraid of heights.
      Ray: Want a push?
      Tyson: (Shakes his head to say no) Uuuhh...
      Ray: I'll go ahead and you guys follow me.
      Tyson: You weren't serious now Ray?
      Max: You know what Tyson, I think he was.

    • Ray: Maybe your Right, i do miss you guys and i do miss being a White Tiger
      Tyson: What did you say
      Ray: Tyson? Max?
      Tyson: So your jumping ship, how dare you!!
      falls off a cliff
      Max: Hey, would you take it easy Tyson, Now gat back up here!!
      Pulling Tyson back up
      Tyson: i... i can't belive what i just heard, maybe everything we heard about you is true
      Ray: Hey, i'm no good for your team anymore
      Mariah: No Ray your not on their team anylonger

    • Max: Come on you wouldn't say no to little old me, would ya?
      Tyson giggles and gives max a thumbs up
      Max and Tyson: three, two, one, LETS RIP!!

    • Tyson: Ya i gotta admit i have a real thing about hights, crazy huh?!
      Ray: Wanna push?
      Tyson: Uuhhhhh!!!! (Shakes head repeatedly)

    • Mariah: (To Ray) Hey, Ray. I think you made the right choice.

    • Tyson: You weren't serious, were you, Ray?

    • Ray: (To Mariah) I am not coming back with you.

    • Max: You know what, Tyson? I think he was!

    • Lee: MARIAH!! What are you doing out here with Ray?
      Mariah: Nothing!

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