Season 3 Episode 52

Beybattle for the Ages

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM May 07, 2005 on YTV
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The match continues, and Brooklyn's dark powers may be too much for Tyson. But, with his old teammates behind him and with the power of Dragoon, Tyson will fight to the very end! And after this climatic battle, it WILL be the end...

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  • This is a battle between Tyson vs Brooklyn. Those two bladers are doing their best to win. Also, Brooklyn suck up the whole Earth.. right now they flying and the Beyblade too! The best battle ever!moreless

    In this final episode, Tyson and Brooklyn doing all their best to win! This is a very excting match the Beyblade are flying that pretty cool! So? Brooklyn had this flash back of his childhood..when no one that wanna play with him! becuase he keep on winning. He was being evil in the mean time..Dragoon and Zeus are the last remaing standing. Then, all the gangs are cheering for tyson to win! He has a new blade! or improved Dragoon becuase he was using Draciel,Driger,Starat Dragoon and all the enegry he gets. After that the earth when back to normal! right noe Tyson and Brooklyn are beyblading still..They both crash each other. The town was back to normal..they fixing the buildings the Bega Company has shut for good. Tyson and Kai wanna battle so..they ready..3...2...1... LET IT RIP!! everyone was gathering around to see their match..Then Dragoon and Dranzer appear they clash until the end! A very happy ending too! Don't forget to watch the movie too! Laet yall all know this might be the end not the end of fun! I'm am a Beyblade fan forever! This anime never lose interesting and it tha best!!moreless
  • The fight between Tyson and Brooklyn continues, and Brooklyn has opened up a black hole to suck the Earth in. They battle it out in the skies, and everyone gives Tyson all their beyblading powers to destroy the black hole, and Brooklyn returns to normal.moreless

    I was on the edge of my seat...for sure. A great way to end the series. But I wish there was another season left, but I loved every episode Beyblade aired. Never missed one episode! The black hole thing was really "Off the Wall". A best episode, very well written!!!!
  • This episode was totally awsome

    This was amazing. I loved how Tyson helped Brooklyn through his emotional trouble. That's Tyson for you, always kind and helping. Then Garland realized that the BEGA was not a real team and had to fix that. If you like sibling relationships, this episode was for you. For once, Hiro showed pride for his brother, which you didn't see very much throughout the whole series. Hiro kind of reminded me of Kai. Speaking of which, the explosive beginning of the battle between Kai and Tyson at the end took my breath away. It was just how everyone reacted to it, knowing it was going to happen the whole time. The only bad thing I have to say is I wish we saw some kind of confrontation between Hiro and Tyson but Hiro just left. We don't even know if they made up. We just assume they did. Too me, it seemed like it left us hanging with an unsatsified ending. Maybe I just didn't want the show to end.moreless
  • its a good great tv show but im in Fort Lauderdale, fl and they never showed the last two episode this really suck does anybody know when they are going to show them again? \"i cant believe the jetix stop showing beyblade for battle b damon\"moreless

    its a good great tv show but im in Fort Lauderdale, fl and they never showed the last two episode this really suck does anybody know when they are going to show them again?

    \"i cant believe the jetix stop showing beyblade for battle b damon\" please if you know when they are going to show it again post it on the sie so i can know
  • I was very glad that the series ended well!

    i think that everyone working on Beyblade did an awsome job on ending it. I had been afraid to see the ending, but now i see that my worry's were for nothing. It ended amazingly well, it was very, very sad to see the show ending, but it had Kai in the last part, and I'm happy for that!!
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • I don't know if this would be trivia or an allusion, but Kai gets the last line in the show. He also got the last line of the first episode of the show, so, did it come around full circle? If it did, go Kai!

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  • NOTES (9)

    • FINAL Beyblade Anthem in this Episode: "I'm Not Goin' Down"

    • On Takara's list of Beyblade products, Dragoon Metal Storm Ultimate Version is listed as "MA-01," while Ultimate Dragoon is listed as "1."

    • There is no real winner. Tyson manages to get the Beyblading spirit back to everyone mid-battle, and you don't see the end. It was probably a tie.

    • Tala gives Tyson the ability to use his special attack, "Novae Rog."

    • Original Japanese Title: "GO! Shoot!!" (2)

    • FINAL Beyblade Top Debut(s): Dragoon Metal Storm Ultimate Version.

    • At the end of this episode, there are brief cameos of all the characters of the entire Beyblade series, even VForce (specifically the former Psykicks (Kane, Jim, Goki, and Salima), the Saint Shields (Ozuma, Joseph, Miriam, and Dunga), the Parts Hunters (King and Queen), and Zeo).

    • Bit Beast Debut(s): Ultimate Dragoon (Dragoon with energy color. Both this and the beyblade are created when Dragoon responds to Max, Daichi, Ray, Kai and their bit beasts friendships).

    • This is part 2 of the series finale of Beyblade. In Japan, it is only 1 episode, but since it was an hour, it is considered 2 parts of the same episode.


    • Kai: The Return of Dranzer
      As we saw, Kai's bit beast was destroyed in "Beyblading Spirit," yet he is back in "Beybattle for the Ages." There is a reason for this. The phoenix is regarded as a mythical bird that is reborn from it's own ashes whenever it is killed, so the return of Dranzer at the end is not a mistake.

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