Season 3 Episode 18

Beyblade Like An Egyptian

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 28, 2004 on YTV

Episode Recap

It starts of with the news with Jazzman summing up what has gone on in the tourney so far.

We then go to the airport where the BBA have just landed in Egypt. Hillary has gone totally ga-ga over being there and is very excited. Daichi gets off the plane afterwards and he Looks like a Zombie [its funny when u see it] Kenny says he isn't feeling too well; something he ate made him like that. Tyson then Sees Miguel being swamped with loads of fans wanting his autograph. Barthez then steps in and takes Miguel and drags him off. We are in their hotel room now. Barthez says that Aaron and Claude will start vs. the Blitzkreig Boys, they are shocked by this. Barthez then says he is off to a party, and that the team have a curfew and are not to leave the room. When he has left, they all complain on how much it sucks, but Miguel says forget it. We then go to the market where Raul, Julia and Romero are looking around. Julia is really excited as she can do a lot of shopping, while Romero is happy at all the food. Raul tells them to calm down and to save their energy for the match. Tyson, Hilary, Kenny and Daichi are walking around in the market also. They see a beyblade match going on and go to watch. Once the match is over Daichi is excited and wants to challenge them. He goes to take out his blade but remembers it was badly damaged. Kenny then says to Daichi to try out this new blade he made for him, but Daichi is reluctant as that blade was made by his dad. In the end he agrees when they say it is a better blade and how much work Kenny put into making it. Daichi then challenges the blader to a match. It begins and Daichi sees the improvements to the blade and how good it really is. Daichi then calls out his final attack and wins. He then says that the blade is great and he will dedicate this new blade to his father.

We then go to the stadium where, the match will begin. Barthez with Aaron and Claude are having a blade inspection. He asks the guy, 'Well, is it ok?' the Guy replies 'Your blade has passed inspection with flying colors'.

At the stadium we are about to begin the match. Barthez then says how the blade inspections are pointless as a blader can change the blades afterwards. He gives Aaron his new blade. He tells him, when he gives the signal he will release an invisible thread which will stop his opponent's blade dead so that he can finish him off.

First up is Tala vs. Aaron. Aaron is very nervous. The dish is the Sphinx Bowl. [It's basically a normal dish with a Sphinx surrounding it. They launch and Tala tells himself to stay calm and that they will win. Aaron is attacking him and Tala is akin the blows. Barthez then presses the trigger to release the invisible spider thread, but it doesn't work. Aaron then goes for a big attack and at that time, Tala calls out his Final attack Novae Rog. The attack finish's Aaron and he has won. Barthez is angry at Aaron and asks him why he changed his blade, and that there will be consequences for this. Aaron musters up the courage to argue back saying he doesn't care what he does as he would do it again. Claude then rats out, Miguel saying he told them to disobey Barthez. Claude then says, you go out there and prove that what you said is true. Barthez tries to stop him but that's it. Miguel says they will not be his puppets anymore and that Barthez is fired as their coach. He cannot believe what has happened. Barthez says fine, but don't come crawling back to him.

Miguel steps up to battle Kai. They begin and Miguel has called out his attack and is attacking Kai with everything he has, Kai then tells Dranzer to counter attack. Miguel then shouts out to Barthez ['Watch how I win without cheating' Barthez says to him that he doesn't stand a chance. Miguel continues and calls out his final attack Fire Execution. Kai calls out Dranzer's attack, Blazing Gig- he appears out like a Blue fiery Bird and attacks Miguel knocking him out.

Miguel then says that Barthez was right, he didn't stand a chance. But that doesn't matter, the BBA are cheering him on and the rest follow. The whole crowd cheers Miguel for giving it his best shot. Barthez is shocked. Miguel goes back to his team and says 'Sorry guys. I lost' they don't care though, they are happy. He says this is a new beginning for all of them. Tyson says how he is proud of what he did. Max says the same. Rick then says how that match was boring, Max says to himself "One day you'll understand Rick".