Season 3 Episode 48

Beyblading Spirit

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Apr 09, 2005 on YTV

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  • One of the greatest and also the first episode i ever saw (from G-rev.) It's about Kai's and Brooklyns battle.

    when i first saw this episode it was in japanese. And all i can say is that i loved it... it was so full of passion and i remember how i cried in the end, when Kai was walking down the corridor and when his Dranzer blade broke. it was so much emotion in it and when you saw Tala crying in the hospital. it was almost too much for me to handle. then i saw the the american version and was clearly disapointed. i don't really understand why they changed the end. so it made me upset. But i still like this episode very much and it's really worth watching.
  • Great opisode of Kai. But sadly, it was his last battle...

    Kai had tried his best and has given the bladebreakers a try at victory. The battle was intense and very nerve-wrecking, hoping if he was going to win or not. Dranzer and Kai work well together, and that\'s all that matters...

    Kai has clearly shown his best beyblading skills by defeating Brooklyn and proved he was worthy of being on the team and being captain. He has shown all his skills and power, and he has determination which shows us what he really cares about.