Season 3 Episode 48

Beyblading Spirit

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Apr 09, 2005 on YTV



  • Quotes

    • Kai: Kai. That's my name. And I'm a beyblader. You might think that you are too, but you're not. You learned from the best but you forgot about a billion worth lesson, beyblading is not just about overpowering your opponent with fancy moves. That's only part of the game. There's more to it. Much more. That's why I have something you don't.

      I learned from every battle I've ever fought. Every friend, enemy and spectator has always had something to offer me. And I'm a student of this game and I always will be. Through the hards of training, competitions, the wins and losses, they all taught me something. And I'm taking this knowledge and use it to my advantage. That's why I can say that I'm a true beyblader. That's what keeps me going and that's my strength.