Season 2 Episode 27

Building the Perfect Bit Beast!

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 08, 2003 on YTV

Episode Recap

We start off in the middle of a heated battle between Kane and Tyson. Kane's losing control of his Cyber Dragoon as his energy is being drained by his Bit Beast. Kane almost passes out from expending so much of his strength. As Cyber Dragoon grows, it looks more and more like Tyson is about to lose, when Kai tells him the only way to get rid of the phony Bit Beast is for Tyson to destroy it. Tyson musters up all his power and in one fell swoop, Dragoon destroys its doppelganger. However, as Cyber Dragoon is blown to oblivion, so is the building they are in and it starts collapsing all around them. Our heroes make a mad dash for the exits when, Max realizes his Draciel is still being held captive in the lab. Max races back inside followed closely by Tyson. Once inside the lab, they meet up with Ozuma and his gang who free Draciel for Max using their blades. Now it's a race to try and get out of the building safely!!
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