Season 1 Episode 32

Darkness at the End of the Tunnel...

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 20, 2002 on YTV



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Saguinex: (To Bladebreakers) A deal made in darkness is always a dangerous proposition.

    • Saguinex: We have chosen the tall one as your challenger.
      Kai: Not me.
      Saguinex: Afraid?
      Kai: I'm not afraid of you sideshow freaks.
      Cenotaph: So foolish. Your little friend is counting on you to save him.
      Kai: Yeah, sure, whatever. Enjoy your home-cooked Kenny-burgers.

    • Kenny: Dizzi!
      Dizzi: Who me? Uh, Dizzi's not here right now.
      Kenny: Come on, Dizzi!
      Dizzi: Uh, I'm sorry, you must have the wrong mainframe.

    • Max: (About the vampire movie) Oh, look, it's all so fake!
      Dizzi: What gave it away - the plastic fangs?
      Tyson: And the ketchup blood.

    • Tyson: Yo! Is that our ultra-modern super train?
      Kenny: Yup! Three hundred klicks an hour, it's mega-quiet. Hey, you even get a free breakfast.
      Tyson: Yeah, all right! You all know how much I like breakfast!
      Max: Or any other meal.

    • Announcer: (At a subway) Attention, attention - will the young man in the red, white, and blue baseball cap, please stop racing baggage carts in the halls.
      Tyson: Oh, man, I'm never allowed to have any fun.

    • Max: Uh, is this supposed to be some kind of practical joke, guys?
      Tyson: I didn't know Kai was able to make a joke at all.

  • Notes

    • Kenny says the ride is only 20 minutes while traveling 300 km/h. The train that travels the Chunnel at 300 km/h takes nearly 2 hours to go from London to Paris.

    • The depiction of the train station is surprisingly accurate. The 400 meter glass canopy is the most impressive feature of Waterloo International station, the current London terminus for Eurostar trains to Belgium and France.

    • Character Debut(s): Saguinex, Lupinex, & Zomb - Members of the Dark Bladers.

    • Lupinex's name comes from "lupin," another name for werewolf (like his bit beast).

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