Season 1 Episode 2

Day of the Dragoon

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jul 06, 2002 on YTV
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When Tyson and Kai end up battling against each other, Tyson is easily defeated. Can he unlock a mythical bit beast to even the score?

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  • Dragoon vs Dranzer

    This was a special episode because it is the first time that we get to see the bit beasts. And Tyson gets Dragoon. Finally Kai reveals his Dranzer to the gang. It all started when the chief got captured by the Blade Sharks for his computer data. but Tyson tried to save him. But before he left his house he asked the Draggon to help him. That was when the Dragoon left the sword and jumped into Tyson's blade. Then Tyson went to face off against Kai to release Kenny. In the end it was a draw and Kai explained what Bit Beasts are.moreless
  • A special episode indeed as Dragoon enters Tyson's blade, the real starting point for the show.

    A great episode, as memory recalls it starts with Tyson losing to Kai quickly. So Tyson is in feeling down after being beaten easily, so the Cheif is working away with the help of Dizzi to find a way to make Tyson's blade stronger. Later that very day the Blade Sharks plan and kidnap the Cheif. The guys quickly inform Tyson of the going on's and are quickly of to rescue the Cheif but before Tyson leaves he in a way prays to the family sword and Dragoon and as soon as he does Dragoon leaves the sword and enters Tyson's blade realizing he has the power of Dragoon in hos blade he has more confidence to challenge Kai. Upon arriving at the Blade Sharks hangout, a number of bladers confront Tyson and the gang, however Kai tells them to move and Tyson and Kai perpare to go head to head. The battle starts and Tyson's blade seems to be hold it own, Kai is quick to call Dranzer and goes to finish Tyson but then the power of Dragoon makes Tyson's blade spin round and round faster and faster eventually creating a mini hurricane and cancelling Dranzers attack out which surprises Kai. The battle ends as a draw and Kenny is free freed.moreless
  • Tyson battles Kai,the leader of the Blade Sharks. Kai quickly wins. Everyone tries to help Tyson beat him. But the Blade Sharks discover this. In doing this Tyson's friend "The Cheif" is kidnapped. So Tyson heads out to rescue him.moreless

    I would actualy consider this episode my favourite. It was the comedy,seriousness and determination Tyson had to stop the Blade Sharks and save the cheif. And Tyson got Dragoon,there was that. So over all watch this episode. I tried to watch it but now they only air the third season. I miss the old season but I won't loose sleep over it.
Rob Stefaniuk

Rob Stefaniuk

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Dan Warry Smith

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