Season 2 Episode 47

Deceit From Above

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Mar 13, 2004 on YTV

Episode Recap

King and Queen are up to battle Tyson and Max in the Semi-Final round. Before the game begins, Dr, K. offers King and Queen a new attack ring called 'The Shredder'. She explains that the ring could turn a beyblade into dust, and they could use it crush Tyson and Max's blades. King doesn't want it but Queen gave it a shot. At the dish, Queen and Max launches their blades so, Queen could try her new ring to Max. Dizzy picks up that the ring causes Max's blade to turn into dust and he needs to counter attack it fast. Max then learns that the attack ring only spins one direction, meaning that he could counter spin Queen's beyblade. Draciel went on top of Gabriel then spins the blade the counter-clock-wise which causes Queen's blade to destroys itself rather than Max's. The match went to Max.

Dr. K. was not pleased of what had happened. She quickly grabs one of the attack rings and tried to give it to King. King ignores and stepped on the dish. Dr. K. left. Tyson and King launch their blades. From the audience, Kenny picked up a laser beam coming from the north side of the dome. The laser is aimed at Dragoon which really distracts its attack. They discover that it was Dr. K. She wants Dragoon herself.

King then told her that he wants a fair fight with Tyson. Tyson ordered a direct attack towards Dr. K. (and of course, you know what happened). Tyson and King then settled the battle, but Tyson won the round leaving King and Queen an empty spot for the finals.