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Season 1 Episode 36

Déjà Vu All Over Again

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 03, 2002 on YTV
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Déjà Vu All Over Again
Tyson determines that he must defeat Enrique if his reputation as a top Beyblader is to be restored, but when Oliver arrives it becomes 2 of Europe's top bladers against Tyson's ego. Can he figure out a way to show that bitbeasts should be used for more than just power?moreless

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    Julie Lemieux

    Julie Lemieux


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    Susan Roman

    Susan Roman


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    Julie Zwillich

    Julie Zwillich


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    Susan Roman

    Susan Roman


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      • Kenny: All your hard work and determination paid off.
        Max: This is a big day for us Bladebreakers.
        Kenny: And it's the first time we've beaten one of these European bladers.
        Tyson: Yeah, that is a big deal. This calls for a celebration. A round of gelato on Kenny's dime. So, I hope you brought your wallet!
        Kenny: I never said I would pay for anything!
        Tyson: Dizzi's right - you are cheap.
        Kenny: Listen, Max is the one who started this rumor. He's the one who should pay!
        Tyson: Hey, don't blame your cheapness on Max, Kenny.

      • Dizzi: (After Amphilyon falls to the ground) Whoa. Now that's what I call falling on hard times!

      • Max: His plan's really working!
        Ray: Just keep it up, Tyson, and pretty soon those bit beast heads won't even know which way is up!
        Kenny: Tyson gives us enough headaches. I'm just glad to see that he can dish them out to others, too!
        Dizzi: Headbutts aren't pretty, especially when you give 'em to yourself!

      • Max: Take him down, Tyson!
        Kenny: You can do it, buddy!
        Max: Chief said if you win, he'll take us out for a round of ice cold gelato!
        Kenny: Max! I like Italian ice cream as much as anyone, but I never said I'd pay!
        Dizzi: Tsk. Tsk. So cheap.

      • Kenny: Fellas, it's been a long, full work-day for us, but we can't tweak Tyson's beyblade any furthur without testing it. So, do the honors.
        Tyson: Oh, you bet I will.
        Kenny: If our improvements to the gear spin ration don't work, then I'll eat my glasses.

      • Dizzi: I can't eat pizza. What do I get?
        Kenny: A bag of computer chips?

      • Ray: Unfortunately, no matter how much you encourage Dragoon, he'll never grow a second head.
        Dizzi: Good thing, too. His haircut bill would be huge!

      • Dizzi: As a bit beast myself, I know Amphilyon's two heads are trouble. When he talks to himself, he literally talks to himself!

      • Kenny: Tyson! I've been looking all over for you.
        Tyson: I needed some air, Chief. I just can't get to sleep. What about you? What are you doing up?
        Kenny: Oh, I can't stop thinking about the battle you lost yesterday.
        Tyson: Ha. Funny. That's the same reason I can't sleep. I have to find out what I did wrong.
        Kenny: Hey, I'd love to help point out all your flaws.
        Tyson: I bet you would. Just keep your criticism to my beyblading and away from my eating habits, all right?
        Ray: But there's so much about you to criticize.

      • Tyson: Well, Enrique won the match, but the battle's not over.

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