Season 1 Episode 6

Dragoon Storm

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jul 20, 2002 on YTV
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The mysterious blader Ray and Tyson do battle in the second round. Can Tyson survive the mysterious Tiger Claw Attack?

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  • Tayson vs Ray-1:1 . Ray quit and tayson wins.

    This episode is one of thebestepisodes of "Beyblade".

    I`m tell that like a person who wath onely first seaseon of "Beyblade".THe batlle between Tayson and Ray was fantastic, like one of first series of "Beyblade".At first Ray is puffed up but at the end of the episode we see him in opther light.We see him same like we sow him at next episodes-one good gay.The battle between Tayson and Ray is

    great,because we see two players who give thir best to win.

    But fnaly we can`t understant who is thebest of these two,because Ray hve gived up at the third round.This litle disappoint us ,but again as i sad "This episode is one of thebest episodes of "Beyblade".moreless
  • Ray and his powerful Driger vs Tyson and his awesome Dragoon, who will win and go on to face Kai...

    The other semi-final match between Tyson and Ray will see who will fight Kai in the final. It all starts with the Cheif busy working away on a piece for Tyson's. We quickly go over to the match thats about to begin and Tyson is ever confident as always. The battle begins and Tyson is quickly put down as Ray wins the match and Dragoon unable to even attack Driger. Things only get worse as Tyson's blade it ruined and he learns that he must be able to fix his blade with in the time limit or he will be disqualified. Time is almost up and Tyson is in panic, when the Cheif arrives with a tool box full of beyblade parts. The Cheif quickly repairs Tyson's blades and adds a new part telling Tyson that this should be able to help him win against Ray. Tyson and Ray let it rip and the second battle begins this time Tyson looks much stronger and Dragoon is able to hold his own in there. Tyson goes in for the attack only to be told by the Cheif that the new part wasn't designed for attack, however Tyson's blade starts to spin faster and faster and creates high speed winds, and eventually a storm. The Cheif is completely stunned by the results and Tyson's new attck is able to defeat Driger and Ray. Just before the 3rd round starts for some apparent reason forfeits and walks away and so Tyson is declared the winner and faces Kai in the finals.moreless
  • This was so cool! Ray and his Driger vs. Tyson and Dragoon.

    This episode was awesome! Ray and Tyson beybattle. Ray uses his awesome Tiger Claws attack to scratch up Tysons Dragoon, Quickly ending the first match excitingly.

    Kenny and Tyson fix Tysons Dragoon and gives it a good defense ring.

    When they get back into the next match Ray was surprised that Tysons beyblade didn't accept the fate that it did before.

    When Tysons beyblade goes all out into a 'Dragoon Storm' (which was totally wicked!) Ray had to face it but with the help of the power of the bit beast! I was so cool when Driger revealed itself! Then Dragoon came out and they put up an awesome battle! Letting Tyson be the winner!

    Ray desided to join the Bladebreakers team because of the willinish of Tyson and thier team.

    Ray showed his true power in this episode, but unfortunetly it didn't match up to Tysons awesome strength!moreless
Raoul Bhaneja

Raoul Bhaneja

DJ Jazzman

Recurring Role

John Stocker

John Stocker

Pop Tate (Max's Dad)

Recurring Role

Mark Dailey

Mark Dailey

Brad Best

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