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Season 1 Episode 42

Drawn to the Darkness

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Apr 20, 2003 on YTV
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Episode Summary

Drawn to the Darkness
Kai must choose whether he wants the power of Dark Dranzer or the friendship of the Blade Breakers. Which will he decide?

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  • Kai goes to the Abbey and snoops around, looking for information. He remembers his forgotten childhood past and then then meets up with Boris, who gives him an offer he can't refuse: Black Dranzer. He takes it, but in the process, betrays his friends.moreless

    I absolutely LOVE this episode! It actually was the FIRST episode of Beyblade that I ever watched (I know, I caught on to it really late). It's also the reason why I am hooked on it now! I thought it was really sad about what Kai did to his friends just to get the power of Black Dranzer. But then again, it's Kai: he craves power and perfection. This has got to be one of my favorite episodes ever and is one of the best ones of the first season. I'm actually watching it right now on YouTube!moreless
  • Kai goes to explore Balkov Abbey because he can't stop thinking about it. There he unlocks the secrets and memories of his childhood. Now, he has a decision to make. The most powerful bit-beast in the world or his friends?moreless

    This is my favourite episode of all time! I can watch it over and over again. It's loaded with tons of action and mystery. Kai gets to show off his sweet moves when he's trying to get through the abbey and the trash talking! Man, Kai's good at the whole trash-talking thing..especially when he starts talking back to Boris. The flashbacks are awesome too! Kai is such a cyutte kid! I just wanna hug him! This ep also has the first appearance of Tala and Ian. The battle scenes are just full of action that I was on the edge of my seat. I could say the same thing about the ending too. It was so suspenseful. For all the Kai fans out there...this is the episode to watch!moreless

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    • Tyson: (to Ray) Kick that ponytail into gear!

    • Kai: What a surprise. I passed this stupid test. Slice through those Beyblades like they're made out of tissue paper. Sharp, clean strikes with hardly a waste of movement. Hmph. Hardly, as in almost perfect. I hate to admit it, but Boris was right. About that, about me. I crave perfection and this attack was closest I've ever come for perfection which saya a lot considering how good
      I am in general. I just can't shake this feeling that the deeper I go into this abbey, the stronger my attack gets. There must be a reason for it. I got to find out and I won't let Boris stop me! (Continues running)

    • Tyson: All right, then. We're trusting you to keep your promise.
      Tala: Yes, of course.

    • Max: What?
      Tyson: We have to see him!
      Tala: Not right now, I'm afraid. He's being treated by our doctors in the medical ward. Until the doctors give the authorization, no one's allowed in. But I'll tell you as soon he's better, I'll take you see him.

    • Max: Really?
      Ray: Guess we'll... come back.
      Dizzi: And as for you, whoever you are.
      Tala: My name is Tala.
      Ian: And you can call me Ian.

    • Tyson: (To Ian) Hey, genius. The battle's not over yet.
      Tala: We just got word. Your friend, the boy that you're looking for, his name is Kai, isn't it?
      (All gasp)
      Kenny: How'd you know?
      Tala: He was spotted around the back entrance of the abbey today. He was outside a bit too long, though. He's got a fever.

    • Kai: No!
      Boris: You must.
      Kai: Get this straight, Boris. You may think you know me, but I barely remember you or this rotten abbey. No goofball in goggles is going to tell me what to do, all right? I know I grew up here, but I something else, too. I couldn't care less about this place or about you. Coming here out of curiosity was a waste of time.

    • Kai: (To Boris) What have you become?
      Boris: Me?

    • Kai: It's like putting on an old shoe.

    • Boris: (To Kai) You... nearly destroyed the entire abbey with your little stunt.

    • Kai: Fine. I'm all yours and Black Dranzer's all mine. Now unlock it!

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