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    [1]Sep 6, 2010
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    In Beyblade: Metal Fusion does anyone think that there may be a chance of seeing Tyson, Daichi, Max, Kai, Ray, Kenny, and Hillary again?

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    [2]Sep 6, 2010
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    Truthfully I believe the answer is no. For a small example of why look at the beyblading leaders. It is the WBBA, not just the BBA. Sure, I realize it's only 1 letter that denotes World, but the fact that a different beyblading organization leads the group denotes that it is a different parallel world of beyblading, not the one that Tyson, Ray, Max, Kai, Kenny, and Hilary were a part of. Also, the fact that a different DJ is the host tells me that even if this were part of the same world with them as adults, they might be too old to compete in the beyblading battles. About the only way I could see them appear is as teachers of some sort, and I suspect they would have done so by now if they were going to do that (unless they have some grand plan for the end of the series where Gingka and company take on the Bladebreakers). Since Nelvana is the co-producers in this series though, then anything could be possible. I think the addition of items such as the battle compass and the bey analyzer though show they are trying to focus on the additional accessories than can be used in beyblading instead of just the story.

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