Season 3 Episode 3

Invitation to Battle

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 19, 2004 on YTV

Episode Recap

After Tyson's depression about Ray and Max leaving the Blade Breakers, he started having nightmares of Ray and Max really betraying him. Not very long after that, Daichi woke Tyson up early in the morning, and challenged him once again, but Tyson refused.

Tyson and Daichi started fighting as Hilary and Kenny entered the scene. They decided to invite Tyson to swim nearby the public pool, and Daichi wants to tag along, only because he wants a rematch. Tyson said he could come and only if he could behave himself.

On the pool, Daichi started yelling Tyson, yet again, asking for a rematch. Tyson refuses, but Daichi was starting to annoy Tyson by giving him insults such as Tyson is backing down from a match etc, etc. Very soon enough, Tyson gave it and accepted Daichi's challenge: Whoever's blade lands on the green floater wins. Daichi went first, and of course, he landed on it. Fortunately, Tyson landed farthest--next to the green floater was an orange floater, and it was far away from the green one, so Tyson won. Not very long after that, they got kicked out of the pool for yelling and not obeying the pool rules.

Back home, Tyson finds a little card. Before he could read it, Daichi snatched it from Tyson and tried to read, but he failed. Tyson start grabbing the card back from Daichi but the card fell off Daichi's hand and flew outside. Unfortunately, Ray found it and read the card. Surely, it was addressed to Tyson and it said that to meet Jin of the Gale on the park for a battle.

Meanwhile, Jin was standing in the light post, waiting for Tyson, but he did not find Tyson there, only Ray. Jin asked where Tyson was, but Ray replied that Tyson got his hands full so he's taking his place. Jin refuse to battle, but then agreed since Tyson is not coming.

The battle began, and rain started falling to the ground. The mist that was being created was making illusions of Jin's blade so it is harder for Ray to recognize which was the real one. Jin reveals to Ray that he can't win because he isn't strong in any specific area, and Ray begins to believe him until Driger sprays him in his face. This makes Ray realize that he can win, so he gets Jin temporarily out of the mist causing him to be revealed. Driger jumps into the air and charges the now revealed Metal Driger. The two blades clash in the air and lightning surrounds them, but when they hit the ground Driger has stopped spinning while Metal Driger is still going. Jin says that Ray scared him and probably should have won. He also reveals that Tyson is lucky to have Ray as his friend because he is very loyal and is very proud to be Tyson's buddy. He also says he no longer needs to challenge Tyson because Ray has let him see all he needs to know.