Season 3 Episode 10

It's a Battle Royale

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 17, 2004 on YTV

Episode Recap

The episode starts of by 5 planes flying above the stadium in which the championships are going to be held... AJ Topper and Brad Best mention that the whole world in watching this championship. Even Tyson's Grandpa.

Jazzman introduces all the teams. However Jazzman focuses at Kai in front of everyone and mentions that your eyes does not deceive you it's the one and only Kai, at that point the crowd roar in joy. Jazzman mentions he recently left the BBA Revolution. Tyson expresses his anger at Kai through his thoughts. It's a shocker to Max and Ray as well that Kai has left and joined the Blitzkrieg boys.

The first match chosen at random by the red dominator is the BBA Revolution vs. White Tigers. Ray is worried he wanted to face Tyson but not this early.

While that is happening the Blitzkrieg boys walk of. Tyson chases Kai and tells him he is not loyal to a team and he will eventually ditch the Blitzkrieg boys. Tala says why would he ditch such a good team. Tyson demands to know why Kai left. Kai Replies by saying 'don't take this personal, but I want to win and I can't win with your pathetic little team. Tyson gets furious and wows that he will get to the final and beat Kai.

Mean while Hiro and the team are deciding which player should start of battling. Hilary goes and finds Tyson and asks him. Tyson says I will go first, 'I want to take down Ray so I can get to Kai'.

The battle starts of. Tyson steps up to the dish expecting Ray will do the same. But Ray sends Lee instead. Tyson gets furious and challenges but of the White Tigers opponents at one go. Mr. Dickson declares a battle Royal in which Tyson and Daichi will face Ray and Lee. The battle begins in a stadium called Needle Valley Stadium, where sharp needles pop out at anytime. Ray and Lee are battling well together. Tyson attacks Lee and his blade is about to go out but Ray uses his skill and hits Lee's blade back in. From that point on Lee and Ray dominate the match, while Tyson and Daichi argue.

Ray knocks off Daichi's blade while Lee does the same to Tyson. The battle ends with the BBA Revolution losing and the White Tigers taking their first victory.

Tyson can't believe it.

Hiro mentions through his thoughts that Tyson has to get a hold of himself now that the remaining ex Bladebreakers will want him to fail.