Season 3 Episode 13

Kenny's Big Battle

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 06, 2004 on YTV

Episode Recap

Episode starts off by Hiro entering the dressing room and announcing that Daichi and Kenny will face the Blitzkreig Boys. Tyson is shocked and so are the others they can't believe that Tyson is not chosen for this match. Kenny tries to convince Hiro that Tyson is much better choice and he will stand a chance against the Blitzkreig Boys. Tyson argues with Hiro, but Hiro says 'I am doing this because we need to win'. Tyson runs away after hearing what Hiro says. While Tyson is dwelling upon his sorrows, F-Dynasty are up against the PPB All Starz.

Raul from F-Dynasty steps up for the first round and from the PPB All Starz, Rick does. As Rick is coming on, the crowd boo him due to what he did to Miguel in the previous match.

As the battle starts the focus is back on Tyson who mentions that he doesn't care what happens, and then walks away. As he does that he bumps into Ray's old coach and he takes Tyson out for shopping. Back to the battle and Rick uses his final attack and finished of Raul.

Kenny is still trying to convince Hiro to put Tyson up but he doesn't say anything. Back to the shopping ground, where Tyson and Ray's coach are doing some shopping. Tyson's says he has not got time for this, he is a blader. But the old man gives some good advice and mentions that Ray lost his battle and it's his responsibility. That kind of wakes Tyson up and he asks the old man to go and eat instead of shopping, but the store manager kicks them both out of the shop for wasting time.

Julia from the F-Dynasty comes up with the crowd behind her. While Max comes up the crowd are against him. The battle starts of and Julia is firing her way through she is attacking Max vigorously, however Max uses his final attack and finishes of Julia. As Julia returns to her brother they both argue due to their defeat, not knowing everyone can hear them as they argue.

As Jazzman introduces the Blitzkreig Boys and the BBA Revolution the crowd goes silent, because everyone is shocked that Tyson isn't starting of this match, while Kenny is sweating.

Kai steps up for the Blitzkreig Boys and Daichi steps up for the BBA Revolution. They both launch there blades but Kai's got his eyes on Hiro and he is thinking where is Tyson, but wait, his blade touches Daichi's and Kai's blade is heading towards Hiro. Hiro just sits there but the blade hits the side and bounces back to Kai's hand and Kai walks of. Jazzman announces that Daichi wins. Everyone is shocked, Tala asks Kai why what happened and Kai says 'I have my reasons'. Daichi is all happy for winning that battle.

Tala starts his battle with the nervous Kenny, the battle starts of with Tala attacking and Kenny dogging or should I say hopping. Tyson realizes that Kenny need his as his friend and he runs back to the stadium looks like the old mans wisdom helped. Tala brags that Kenny is nothing and Tyson ditched him and he is nothing, he won't come back because he wants you out of this competition. Kenny gets hurt from the inside and says I am doing this for Tyson my friend and a tear comes down from his left eye and he attacks Tala with power and guess what he is actually pushing Tala's blade back and the crowd roar and the rest of the BBA Revolution cant believe it. As Tyson arrives in the upper stand he watches Kenny Battle. Kenny attacks Tala again...
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