Season 3 Episode 30

Let The Games Begin... Again!

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jan 16, 2005 on YTV

Episode Recap

The match up between Kai and Tyson continues. They throw all their best attacks at each other, but somehow Tyson and Kai have both developed a psychic ability to predict what the other is going to do, so they can counter every attack. Both boys use all their energy and their blades fly high into the air. Nobody knows what happens until Tyson and Kai both collapse and their blades are still both spinning.

Seeing this, Mr. Dickinson decides that both the Blitzkrieg Boys and the BBA Revolution will share the title, because neither boy is fit to fight anymore, but Tyson and Kai both overrule him. They say they will battle it out no matter what Mr. Dickinson decides, so he finally gives in and allows the battle to continue. With basically no energy left, the blades are thrown from the stadium at the exact same time, but since it's a championship match, both bladers are forced to reattach their blades and launch them again.

This time neither blade has as much energy, but they are still able to use some special attacks. Kai uses his Giga Phoenix Attack, and Tyson counters with Dragoon's new hurricane attack. The power pushes Dranzer's attack away, and finally Tyson is able to knock Dranzer out of the stadium making him and Daichi the tag team champions. The stands empty and Tyson is hoisted up (it is his home town after all). Meanwhile Kai doesn't feel disappointed, because he gave everything he had. Tyson becomes the first ever 3 time champion with the win, and the episode ends with Tyson knowing that Beyblade will continue as long as there are strong bladers out their to fight each other, and it shows a picture of all the Bladebreakers together.