Season 3 Episode 30

Let The Games Begin... Again!

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jan 16, 2005 on YTV

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  • Amazing Amazing

    This definately the coolest if not one of the coolest fights in the entire season. Kai vs Tyson Amazing. I love how they make DBZ like with rocks and visible damage to their outfits and arena's. Totally awesome, this one of the episodes that made me think this show is totally awesome. I don't have a single complaint to saw about this episode. This what the entire series leads up to and delivers. There not too many episodes in this show that delivers as much action as this episode does. The only episode that I can think of on the top of my head is Tyson's fight against Brooklyn.
  • The final is going on and the battle is getting intense.In their final blow the roof gets blasted and both the blades fall off at the same time. Kai is declared the winner but he dissagrees and the battle starts again, but who is going to win this time.

    Awesome. This episodes pays off. In the beggining it seemed that none of them is going to win. Kai and Tyson were simply awesome. When their blades striked each other, a blinding light covered the stadium. Both of them looked equally mathed and at the end they unleashed so much energy that the roof get blasted off and the match gets drawn. But due to their high points kai is declared winner, and kai in his usual attitude dissagreed to take the title. He says what is the meaning of the title if he is granted it for his hard work and not for winning the match. So the match had to start again. Even this time Both Tyson and kai were evenly matched. But this time they showed their skills instead of power. In the end they had a vision of fighting in the stars and the unleash so much power that it get blown off in the universe. Int the end by a fraction of second Tyson emerged as the winner. The episode ends as tysons says that he thinks that he was really lucky to win the match and he looks forward to the day they fight again
  • The match continues has Kai and Tyson battle it out for the rights to become world champion. The fight gets even more intense, and the battle blows the roof off the stadium. Mr. Dickenson wantes to call it quits, but Kai and Tyson continues the fierce bat

    Yes...! Another great battle from the beyblading series!! A one of a kind master piece!!! Very intense, wish Kai could've won, but the main character always gets the glory. The roof getting blown up was unexpected. The song played in it fitted in very well. One of the best episodes!
  • One of the most amazing episodes in beyblade g revolution

    This to me is an absolute amazing episode i was practically shaking i didn't know who was going to win. It was so intense i never thought a cartoon could make me so excited to see the outcome. Everyone who loves Beyblade has to watch this episode. I loved it it was a great episode. Better than i could imagine.
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