Season 3 Episode 47

Now You're Making Me Mad

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Apr 02, 2005 on YTV

Episode Recap

It's the continuation of the Justice 5 Tournament with the BEGA Blader's leading the battle with two wins and a tie. If G Revolutions lose the next battle, they're out and BEGA (lead by the evil Boris) takes over the Beyblading Empire. The next battle is set to pit Tyson against Garland, but when the G Revolutions enter the stadium, they reveal their fifth team member- KAI!! Everyone is stunned, except for the BEGA Blader's who see him only as a loser. Kai is out for revenge because a few days earlier he lost a battle to Brooklyn. So, wanting to save face, Kai calls out Brooklyn, who arrogantly accepts his challenge. A massive battle ensues with Kai trying desperately to somehow attack his opponent, but nothing seems to work. And what's worse, Brooklyn seems to be copying Kai's every move. Kai becomes frustrated and realizes he must dig deep within himself to draw out more power. He does, however, it's making him weaker and weaker. The rest of the G Revolutions team wants him to quit. Kai refuses and in the end, he prepares for a final assault against his foe!