Season 3 Episode 23

Ray And Kai: The Ultimate Face-off...

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Dec 19, 2004 on YTV
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Ray And Kai: The Ultimate Face-off...
Ray and Kai go head to head, and the winner gets to face Tyson, but who will end up prevailing between Dranzer and Driger?

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  • This episode was awsome, I espically liked Ray for trying his best, im sure there are going to be more battles between him and Kai.

    This episode was Really awsome, Kai and Ray battled it out, I thought that ray was going to win but o well, Ray tried his best and he was still awsome doing it. I guess Kai desrives props also. But if i was able to change the outcome of the match i would make it so it was a tie, or that Ray will win because Kai`s team already has enough points to advance, also because I have always been in favor of Ray cause he is cool. But overall this episode was pretty tence and awsome, thanks to the person who made this episode, it was awsome, mad love.moreless
  • The semi finals of the word championship is going on.Tala wins the first match leaving great pressure on Ray to win his match agaisnst Kai. But it is not going to be easy, especially when kai is more powerfull than ever and has a new move up his sleeve.moreless

    A great episode. Really great. Tala performs great but kai was outstanding. He practised so much in the ice and that new move of his was awesome. The smoke that it caused, it was impossibe to see anything for a while. The scene in which Kai unwraps the cloth he wears around it neck and it falls on the floor with a bang really gripped me. Ray was good too. He was just mentally weaker than kai and could'nt handle the pressure. Though he gets really powerfull when he thinks about his friends and how they are supporting him. That was one moment when i thought that kai was going to lose but kai kapt his cool and showed him who is the boss.moreless
  • This episode is a perfect example of why I love this show so much.

    Ray and Kai: The Ultimate Face-off is a fast paced, intense battle between Kai and Ray. Not only is this a very exciting battle, it’s Kai and Ray’s first time battling each other. Both show their passion for blading, and how desperate they are to make it to the finals. I personally find that this episode brought Ray closer to his teammates, and made them a lot stronger. But at the same time, the Blitzkrieg boys were starting to dislike Kai and his attitude toward them, especially when they get ignored after the battle. In the end, even though Kai and Ray showed no mercy to the other during the battle, they still didn’t forget their friendship and Ray wished Kai luck on his accomplishment at making it into the finals.moreless
  • Rei & Kai finally get to battle each other for the first time ever, & both are equally keen in winning to get the chance to fight Tyson, but maybe they also have been looking foward to fighting each other as well as they never had the chance to.moreless

    Incredible battle. Kai was really tested here and knew that Rei would be a tough one to beat. Rei did so well, pushing Kai further and further that Kai had to remove his weights and use a new special move to win the match. Kai left looking fine but he was exhausted and thought of Rei as one of the most incredible opponents he fought so far.

    It was amazing watching these 2 fight as i always saw them to be similar to each other in skill and strength. It's ashame the final battle wasn't between Rei and Kai. :(moreless
  • What a beybattle, it looked it could any way but when Kai used his ultimate move, the end was near for Ray

    A highly recomended battle to watch, some of the best moves seen in beyblade history, we get to see Ray perform his typical but effective balancing and adaptable fighting moves whilst we see Kai\'s endurance and power come through. But then Ray goes down after launching a \'Gatling Claw\' head on agaisnt Kai\'s Blazing Gigs. The match is about to go to Kai when Ray finds the strength to continur using the bond between him and his team Ray unlocks his ultimate move \"Gatling Claw Mawimum\" turning Driger green and bouncing around knocking Dranzer but then goes one more step faster and disappears. It is not until Kai uses his \"Blazing Gig Tempest\" move that the match finally ends. Overall A very solid and high leveled matchmoreless
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    • Bryan: Whoa, this match is getting intense.
      Spencer: Hey, Tala, what new move is he talking about?
      Tala: Humph (thoughts) Kai hasn't told me about any new moves. Wait, no, no it couldn't be. It's impossible. That day I saw him sneak off, but he didn't know I was watching him. I made it back to base just before he did and confronted him when he returned. Typical Kai, he wouldn't answer me. He was hiding something, that's for sure. So later I followed his tracks in the snow to a burnt out hill, his beyblade marks were all over it. Did Kai have the power to do that much damage? At that time I just didn't think it was possible. But watching Kai in this match, I'm just not so sure anymore.

    • Max: Now that was a wild match, don't you think Rick?

      Rick: Yeah, I guess. But I would have beaten Kai a whole lot quicker. Just watch out Kai! You'll soon see that old Rick isn't so easy to defeat.

      Max: Uh, exactly who are you talking to? (smiling)

    • Bryan: Good game...huh? So what's his problem? He seems to be so un-fazed.
      Spencer: He's got a bad attitude. He's to use to winning all the time.
      Tala: (thoughts) They don't trust you Kai, and frankly neither do I. It can't possibly be as easy as you make it look.
      (in corridor)
      Kai: Now that one was way too close. Ray, you were an excellent opponent. And I think, that now, I'm finally ready for you, Tyson.

    • (Ray is falling backwards)
      Ray: Ugh...
      Lee: Don't worry pal, I got you. Everything is going to be okay.
      Ray: Huh...Lee?
      Lee: That's right, at your service, Ray. You did an amazing job out there.
      (rest of the White Tigers X team are running up to the arena cheering)
      Kevin: You were awesome!
      Mariah: We're so totally proud of you Ray!
      Ray: Thanks, Mariah.
      Lee: Don't forget this.(holds out Drigger)
      Ray: (thoughts) I don't care what happens, as long as you and I can battle again, Drigger. And I can't wait until we get another chance!
      Ray: Kai!
      Kai: Yeah, Ray?
      Ray: I wish you good luck in the finals.
      Kai: Thanks.

    • Ray: Drigger attack, go Gatling Claw Maximum!
      AJ Topper: Hey! Anyone seen Drigger?
      Brad Best: But that wont Kai, from hammering Drigger with his own blazing bey powers.
      Ray: No!
      Kai: My new move is my only way for you Ray. Blazing Gig Tempest!
      Ray: No! (in shock)
      Brad Best: Whoa, this may be it, the last move sent Drigger into the stratosphere. I don't think Ray can recover from Kai's last attack. But what about Dranzer?
      AJ Topper: Sweet! Kai's blazing attack nailed down Drigger and dropped him like a piece of gum on a hot sidewalk. But too bad for Ray, that last move knocked Drigger out for good. This means the Blitzkrieg boys are the first team to advance to the finals!

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