Season 3 Episode 44

Refuse to Lose

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Mar 19, 2005 on YTV

Episode Recap

It's the second match of the Justice Five Battle and Ray and Crusher are facing off against each other. With Ming Ming's win against Daichi in the previous match, the BEGA League is already ahead by one so the pressure is on Ray to take the match. But Crusher is feeling the pressure too, not only for himself and his teammates but for his sister, Monica, who is undergoing surgery at the very same time. From the beginning, the battle is fierce with both Blader's inflicting significant damage. But Ray quickly gains the upper hand and it looks like its game over. It is only once Crusher calls upon the spirit of his brave, little sister that he is filled with the courage and strength necessary to match Ray. But with so much at stake, which Blader will emerge victorious?