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  • Mmm, exactly of the era it came out in.

    Rewatching ALL 3 of the Bladebreakers era of Beyblade has been quite the jog. This series goes from crap to turd to right on decent or above by the seasons in that order. Getting on the first season, which is just Beyblade, it's art is horrendous and most likely the worst part of the show. I can't believe just HOW ugly a shounen anime could look coming out in 2001, but I'm glad it was the only one I've seen be that ugly.

    It's choice of music is good for some kid who is known for getting high off of loud things and Turned Up To 11 things are happening in front of them, but as an adult that has grown to see the bad and good of my childhood and can give critical thought to things I have just this to say, "Oh my god, oh my god, shut up, shut the fuck up. You keep replaying the same damn shit and it's not even good, your opening sucks as a continued background music, your white people rap is shit, oh my god SHUT UP!!!!"

    The characters were right as their tropes would call them and very annoying at times, sometimes you just wanna kick Tyson in the face, the story is nothing special at all and has always been done better, and I implore anyone using nostalgia to actually watch this without it and then make a decision of if this is good or not.

    V-Force: It's better, but not that much. Same shit, new by far phenomenology far better look, but the story is crappier this time apparently and forgettable as hell after the first season since it was so tacked on just to get the episodes done And the new characters were so. Fucking. Eck. Oh, my god, they were so fucking eck.

    G-Revolution: If this is the best you can do then thank god. This is incredibly the better season, in terms of looks it's so fitting to everything and everyone. Comparing V-Force to this they really looked like younger kids than actual middle school kids and that a problem that can only be seen after watching both before it in its entirety. The new characters aren't even a problem the whole way through as even the newcomer Daichi gets to grow on me with his character development and Hilary isn't annoying to me anymore.

    I love the story they used of separating the team to go and try to win this tag tourney in their own since it brought up so much needed growth for Tyson that I never thought he would have to get and it was constantly happening in it. The new characters thankfully get developed and aren't just there to be obstructions for obstruction's sake and by the end of it I liked the majority of them. Also, honestly, this series could have ended at ep 30 because after the next ep it really goes back into Beyblade cliche standards of "evil group is doing bad things and main characters fight them with a tourney", but its end good and solid to Beyblade.

    This most nitpicky and annoying part of this to me as an American (Maybe) is the Canadianism in it. So many times will you hear things said in a way that sounds like like against being agAINst and most prominently sOWry. It's pretty distracting to me, but it's just a nitpick.
  • If there is a new season to come...

    If there is a new season of beyblade to come, it should be like the first season (Original 2000 beyblade season). The characters of the first season were much more better than those of the 2 final seasons (v force & g revolution ). I hope that the beyblades in the first season come back instead of the unrealistic beyblades in the 2 final seasons if there is to come a new season.

  • Ah,good old memories.

    Beyblade is a decent show about a 13 year old(he was 12 in the first few episodes)named Tyson Grainger and his friends Max,Kenny,Ray and Hilary.I remember this good old classic and the second season was the weakest season it was OK but the first and third seasons were great i also remember getting a video from America from my friend who was given the video by one of his cousins or something like that it aired on ABC Family sadly they are'nt making new episodes in Japan i hope they return it as seeing this was a good old show which aired on Cartoon Network and then Toonami over here in the UK it is better than most stuff today like Robotboy or anything else even though they are'nt making new episodes i still recommend this a classic and sadly now Toonami UK only airs it at night and what is nearly on everyday on Toonami UK is Pokemon which is a weak and retarded show i love this show and i still remember playing the Beyblade toys they are at least better than stupid scams for boys and girls such as: Bratz,Barbie,Pokemon and Action Man.
  • Let it Rip!

    I was bored and addicted to watching anime back then, and ended up watching Beyblade on YTV. Ever since I watched the show I've always wanted to own one of those beyblades and play with it too. There are catchy songs in the show to listen and play beyblade to, such as Across the Nation, Never Gonna Take Me Down, and the theme song itself. It is an okay anime, but it got repetitive later. It's definitely better than Battle B'Daman. My favourite characters were Ray and Kai. The animation changed after season 1, as the characters used to be chubbier.
  • They save the world... with tops. Yeah.

    Beyblade is the kind of show where you pause, look at an episode, and wonder what in the world the creator was thinking.

    I can buy a top tournament. I can even buy the players getting so bizarrely into such a game.

    I can't, however, buy that they store magical creatures within them, nor that they ultimately battle for the fate of the world.

    Saving the world with tops. It's absolutely ludicrous. YuGiOh! made cards work. Beyblade just sells tops. Unlike other gaming series, it's impossible to truly emulate the feats in the show, since once you release a top, the best you can do is, if electronic, it's general direction of back and forth can be manipulated.

    But come on. Saving the world with tops? I have a dredle in my closet. Think I could be a hero too?
  • Sweet Merciful Crap!!!

    Beyblade is by far the worst anime I have ever seen. I watched a few episodes and man it sucked. All you do is watch a few tops pointlessly spin around and crash into each other. Talk about boring. And futhermore the characters are also shouting sencelessly alot and the announcers are more annoying than Pokemon\'s Team Rocket. To add to that, the voice acting is terrible, only that pink cat girl has a decent sounding voice, but it still sounds pretty weak. I don't want to see anymore Beyblade.
  • Holy crud...

    I have just one question: WHY? I don't know what the creators were thinking when they were making this show but WHY? TOPS? TOPS! They're tops! A show about tops and it's annoying commands from their [i]owners[/i]. Seriously, did they spend THAT much money on pointless tops for a dumb game? Seriously though, this show is annoying. You got all these somewhat-looking new tops just crashing into each other and making a huge stadium for it... Would that even consider it siutable for competitions in a tournament? Yup, I guess it would.

    Cancel it. To think their company had already made another lame show like this...
  • Spin Tops? HAHA! GIVE ME A BREAK!

    I haven't got a lot to say about this show other than that it is a complete waste of paper to make. Its a shame the beyblades aren't actually fired at the people in it because I know thats exactly what I would do if I was part of the show. Half the charaters in it you can't tell whether they are male or female... its just madness!
  • WARNING: Side effects from this review may be high blood pressure, uncontrollable rage and a deep genuine hate for any word that means eight.

    Was never into it and never will. Total mind numbing stupidity thats probably more annoying than Action League Now! Every single character, even the villains are complete nerds who seriously need lives! The toy is a bunch of crap as well. Fragile, Bulky and dangerous when spun at high velocity. Most of all, all of this just shows that some kids would like anything. If you say "poo that you can play with!", they will play with it, no matter how idiotic and vile it sounds. Pathetic. Very Pathetic. I'm glad that in my country the kids know this sucks.

    Beyblade= overrated, stupid and most of all, LAME.
  • One. Sweet. Show.

    This show was awesome. No other words to describe it. Just awesome. The plot line was epic. The heroes were well-developed (if not a tad bit predictable). And the consecutive seasons did nothing but build on themselves. Season one had production and graphics that were less than optimal. But that didn't take anything away from the quality of the show. However, I was somewhat disappointed with the best of three battles thing. However, this was a problem that was fixed in the second season. The graphics and character designs were improved upon. The best of three battles scenario was excluded and shortened to the more enjoyable one-time sudden death matches. Season three maxed out the beyblade universe. The graphics could not have been improved upon more. The character development could not have been done any better. And the end left me at complete peace. Unlike so many other series finales, I didn't want more and there was no lack for explanations. Great show. Great end.
  • ...come on

    Why do people make different weirder versions to Pokemon. This one is pretty much the same thing but lamer if that was even possible and with spinning blade things. I can't remember very much about this show but didn't the blade things come to life with dragons or some other weird creatures. so lame.

    The only thing good about this show was the weird toy blade things they made. when i was in middle school we would buy those and shot them at each other, those things would hurt like a motherfword if you could fling them the right way.
  • Beyblade is basically a top like game taken to it's logical conclusion an attempt to enslave all of man kind,yep thats how it's presently in this show.

    Bad guys intent on global destruction check, kids with magically beasts who are for the some reason the only hope of a planet riddle with these creatures called bit beasts.Beyblade doesnt really break any new ground except that it was the first top based show and it's surprising entertaining .Pokemon,digimon and yugioh have all done the whole monster battle thyme and at times you do get that deja vu feeling and you asked yourself have i seen this before but once you get past that you really appreciate how action pact it is.The show revolves around the BladeBreakers and their rise to fame,along the way the encounter the various foes that either want the number one spot or simply want it all .
  • spinning tops with special powers

    beyblade - a classic shopw. one of the best shows i have spent my childhood with. Looking back, i never regret anything to do with beyblade. Starring tyson & dragoon, max & draciel, Kai & dranzer, Ray & Driger, Kenny/The Chief & Dizzy (until series 3), Hilary & no one and from season 3, Daichi and Strata Dragoon. Iam so relieved that they're bringing back Beyblade, but the problem is that it won't star the original bladebreakers. Now it's new bladrs with new bit beasts. oh welll, heres to the new beybladers, the future of beyblading. Heres hoping that hey get more seasons.
  • This is a good show.

    I like this show, but I like the manga better because there seem to be better character development in it. The show gets better every season. Though I think they should have let the characters from the second season play a major role in the third season just like they did the first season characters. I did not like the idea that they did not make Hilary a Beyblader in the third season. I know she hated Beyblade in the second season but she started to appreciate it as time passes by. Just because she is a filler character does not give them excuse to do so because there are a very few female Beybladers on the show. Another thing I do not like is when the English dub cut out the all violent scenes and turned it into a kiddie show. Overall the series was good and I like the battle scenes and the songs to go with them.
  • A group of kids compete in tournaments with high powered tops with special powers

    the shows main character is tyson who used the dragoon bayblade and competes against other baybladers in championchips so the story is pretty new and alot diffrent then what im used to but its pretty good the characters are original and the toys and merchandise are cool but the downside to this show is that somtimes the animations can be a bit bad and hacky but most of the time things fit well together and you have a pretty good show and one more thing thats strange i thought was they talk to there bayblades never really got that how does something like that work
  • Great show but not without its flaws

    Beyblade is great show but it still has some flaws, for example the shows ending in each season is unsatisfying and leaves fans asking for more. However the characters humors or antics and thrilling battles makes this show worth watching. One problem I noted was we never found out who one that match at the end of season 3 which was in fact pretty annoying since battle had alot of potential to demonstrate what makes this show worth watching. Also more depth to each of the characters pasts wouldn't hurt much. over all I am deeply impressed with this show and all of its seasons.
  • Not my thing.

    Beyblade might be a good show to some people but me I just din't get it.
    The characters were boring the story was not good even the animation looked bad.
    The story starts off with a young boy named Tyson who wants to a great beyblader and his friend max who apparently wants to be a calculator.The person who Tyson desperately wants to beat is another beyblader named Kai who is the leader of the blade sharks and he is also like the best beyblader in town.During their these magical creatures started to come out of their blades whenever they would call out their names.Tyson manages to defeat Kai and along the way several other good beybladers.They then form a team called the bladebreakers and they enter the world beyblade championships.At this point I had completely lost interest in the show so what happened after that I have no idea.

    I want try to tell you what you should and should not like but I can tell you what I don't like and I don't like Beyblade.
  • Ok show

    So this show is about these top things spinning around and the object is for one of the tops to hit the other top till it stops yeah sounds kind of boring but it isn't really there are many other things involved with this show like every top has it's own ability like for example dargoon is a dragon in the top that comes out and usees some special attack to help destroy the other top also there are about 4 kids in every season called the blade breakers and they all have the sam objective to get to the championship and walk away as the winner and the title as the best beyblader around but botton line is aside from the fact that they are just tops this show is kinda cool and i like it a lot more then other shows like goeorge of the jungle
  • Beyblade is made up of 3 series. Each is about 4 main characters that make up the Blade Breakers. However, 3 has extra characters involved as the BB splits up! All 3 series are based on these characters obtaining the world chapionship in beyblading.

    I find Beyblade to be a decent show. It isn't the best anime I have seen, but definatly the 2nd best in english dubbing. (I find the Japanese voice a tad anoying.) I'm not quite sure about the idea of using the spinning tops and it being a sport, but the idea of bit beasts and people being connected with them was interesting. I also found some of the story lines interesting.
    I believe that each series brings something new with each plot. However, the third series, G-revolution, I found to be not as exciting. Most of series 3 based around Tyson's (Takao)struggles and the actualy sport of beyblading. The fact that they entered the tournament as no longer the bladebreakers didn't seem to be much of a plot. It looked like it would be a dissapointing end.
    BUT, I have been reading up and I have found discussions on a final series that will be ariving in the late summer of 2008! If this is so, we can be expecting a whole new story to beyblade. The supposed plot I have read looks interesting! So far I have not seen the japanese versions released yet. But when they are, each episode may be subbed only a mear 1-3 days after! (most likely fan-subs) dubbs may not be released for much longer. This may be the ending the show needs!
  • This show rocks they sould bring it back

    At first I was really into to the show and still am because it was new
    a lot of people have not so much forgot about the show just lost interests because they don't show it on tv but if beyblade ever came back the world would see how many trie beyblade there is
    And during the 3 seasons it was on tv there was a lot of fan.
    I just finished watching some of season 3 G-Revolution on youtube and that made me remember that's this was a really good show. but most of all it was fun to watch on Saturday morning The episodes of G-Revolution were really good and the beybattles were the best of the three seasons. It introduced alot of cool characters. Even tough some aspects of the show is brilliantly assemble i do have problems with some area,but they were from v-force and most will agree that that season was the worst of all three but still better than most show out there
  • Beyblade was a really good show. I really don't like that it ended.

    Beyblade had a great first season. The plots were good. V-Force is the main reason I thought messed the show up a bit. It had many exciting battles but it also had alot of boring parts where barely anything interesting happened. Then came G-Revolution. The beyblades looked more realistic and the characters have grown a bit. The episodes of G-Revolution were really good and the beybattles were the best of the three seasons. It introduced alot of cool characters. The concept of beyblading is unique although some people find it kind of cheesy; and it is kind of strange seeing a 15 year old obsessed with tops but it's a fun show.
  • At the beginning, it was really new and fresh. And now..

    Well when the show first came out, the idea was fresh and the plot was entrancing as well as original. When season 2 came, it slide downhill a bit, but nonetheless it was still popular. Once they got into third season, everything that was there first season has been improved on. Beyblading was now labelled as a dangerous sport, and could somehow 'take over the world.' It got a little too unrealistic, but it lasted for a good little while. In comparison to all the other shows, I find Beyblade to be most creative. Though it only had 3 seasons, it was interesting to watch.
  • Okay, i admit i love this show...

    I used to watch this show every night. I know that a lot of people will probably laugh if they knew i was saying this, but it is one of my favorite animes... most people say it sucks without even watching it once, but i say give it a chance! I did, and I got hooked... it is about a group of kids who are Beybladers, meaning they have these battles with tops. The tops can have Bit Beasts in them, which can preform attacks and other cool junk. I know my description makes it sound lame, but it really does rock. The show is WAY under appreciated in my opinion. It should be aired more (I don't think it even airs here anymore) cuz i miss it...
  • A show that most people liked to watch

    Beyblade, a world of spinning tops and bit beast. A few years back I had just started to watch it with intrest and always thought to my self "what is this?" As I watched it even more I grew with the charicters as they grew. Beyblade always showed on how team work was always important just as friendship is and I love it just for that. I also loved it for all the action and battles that were going on with all the different stadiums and bit beast. Seeing new people on the show always wondering, "What kind of bit beast do they have?" Later though they ended beyblade. It went to season 3 and stopped. Beyblade was a show well liked and was saddning when it was taken off the air.
  • The anime that never lost interest. Beyblade one of the coolest anime of all tome. This is the real deal!

    Beyblade are spinning tops has a magical creature called bit beast. Bit beast are the spirit of the beyblade each one of them has a different power and appearance. This kid named Tyson. Tyson is the world champion beyblader, He a very helpful kid sometime he never give up when is come to a bad situation, He has a bit beast named Dragoon. Daichi a kid want to battle tyson, He's want to prove to him that he could become the champion too! He's always energetic, showoff, lack of respect and pretty eat alot for a little dude, he has a bit beast named Strata Dragoon. Max he the best when is come to defense, One of the innocent beyblader and he also has the potentail to do anything his bit beast named Draciel. Ray a very respectful player and never shows his doubt always focus on the match his bit beast name is Driger. Kai the quietest and the most serious beyblader. He like to be alone he has an incredible skill almost match for tyson his bit beast name is Dranzer. Kenny is a kid know about beyblade and customize sometime they call him chief and Hillary is a girl does the cheery par. This group call the Bladebreakers. They seperated to enter a competetion to see who the best. This adventure start now!
  • realy cool show

    freakin` good but it isn`t even near Dragonball Z or Bleach.
    First two seasons were better because it was a better animation and drawing but it didn`t ruin the action of the show luckily.What to say more it is god but not the best.The best part of the whole series is that new sport beyblade and the best characters are Tyson and Kai there is no point in saying anything else.Long live Dragonball and Bleach
  • BEYBLADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome to the world of beyblading at It is intense and exciting. Imagine two tops charging at each other with magical creatures called bit beasts emerging from them! This show follows a team of beybladers named the Bladebreakers! They travel the world including China, America, London, and even Russia on a quest to become the worlds best beybladers! Will they succeed?

    After the World Championships occur, the Bladebreakers have gone their seperate ways, but new unknown teams begin appearing on a quest to claim the Bladebreakers bitbeast. They must reunite to protect their bitbeasts, but will they fully succed. The answers will only be revealed in Season 2: Beyblade: V-Force. Be sure to watch the adventure unravel.

    After keeping their bitbeasts out of harms way, a new World championship tournament is announced, but there will be only 2 members per team. this causes Max to go to the All-Starz and Ray to go to the White Tigers, plus Kai just can't make up his mind as to where he will be. Needless to say there friendship will be tested and tried as each Bladebreaker goes on a quest to prove why they are the best beyblader around. Can the Bladebreakers keep up their winning ways when they've been divided against one another? Be sure to catch season 3: Beyblade: GRevolution to find out what will happen to the Bladebreakers. Terms:

    Beyblade: A top that is used to battle opponents with. Parts of a Beyblade Attack ring: The Attack ring is the ring that makes most of the contact to the other Beyblade while battling.

    Weight Disk: Keeps Beyblade balanced during battle.

    Blade Base: What the Beyblade spins on during battle.

    Bit Beast: A Magical creature that gives the Beyblade more power. (ex. Dragoon, Dranzer, Galux, Grazzly, Trygle, Wolborg, etc.) Mystical powers lie within the Bits for those who can evoke their special energy. The power of the Bit Beast comes from ancient beasts, such as dragons, bears and monkeys that come to life within the Beyblade and in turn create an incredible fighting force making these unique Beyblades virtually unbeatable. Those that do use their special power become exceptional combatants. Can you activate your Bit Beast?


    Tyson: Tyson is a bright young teenager who's not afraid to speak his mind and in so doing, he seems to get into more trouble than most boys his age. Even though he's not very big in stature, he is strong willed and very little seems to frighten him. He's curious and at times will act in haste when dealing with some of life's little dilemmas. Although Tyson is not a born leader, his magnetic personality and self-confidence seem to gravitate people toward him. Although he is not the leader of the Bladebreakers, he is probably the main character of the whole plot. He is a magnificent Beyblader with his bitbeast Dragoon. Dragoon and him work well together and because of that they win the World Championships! But can Tyson keep his title as the number one beyblader in the world? Kai: When Kai first appears, he is portrayed as a cold hearted competitor and the ultimate nemesis of Tyson. As the leader of the Blade Sharks, he and his gang use their superior skills to win (or should we say steal) their competitors' Beyblade equipment. But after Tyson challenges him to a battle, the two become team mates. Kai joins the Bladebreakers and is the leader of the team. Kai's bit beast is Dranzer who is very strong and powerful. Together they are a force to be blading with! Kai soon trades and stabs the back of his old team mates to join the Demiltion Boys. Kai gets Black Dranzer which steals everyone's bitbeasts. Eventually he turns back to the Bladebreakers and they win the World championships in Russia.

    Daichi: Daichi is a member of the Bladebreakers and is very mysterious. He joins the Bladebreakers in the third season. He first was one of their enemies but joins them later in the season (like Kai).His Bit Beast is Strata Dragoon! Together they are powerful and destructive.

    Max: Max is like a brother to Tyson and is the best friend any kid could have. He is bright, cheerful and always ready to take on a new Beyblade challenge. Max is a true strategist and when it comes to battling he is a strong competitor, always looking for a new angle or tactic to win. He is a master of the defensive move and even more interesting, his style is completely opposite to Tyson's. His bit beast is Draciel which once belonged to his grandmother. Together they are very good. His mother is the captian of the All-Stars and also helps the Bladebreakers defeat the Demolition Boys and win the World Championships. Ray: Ray is another member of the Bladebreakers team. He may be quiet, but beneath his low-key demeanor is an incredibly confident young teenager. Ray always looks before he leaps, especially when it comes to Beyblade battles. He was once a member of the White Tigers and got controls the almighty Driger, his bit beast. He has some problem with his old team but after blading with them and explining why he left they became good friends again.

    Kenny (aka The Chief): A self-described nerd, Kenny never goes anywhere without his trusty laptop. That's where he has amassed every known statistic on Beybladers and their Beyblades. Kenny can call up in an instant a player's ranking or, with a few quick keystrokes, a detailed analysis of the mechanical workings on any Beyblade in existence. Although Kenny possesses zero talent in the athletic department, he is a valuable asset to his teammates, and he begins to learn how to beyblade with the best by studying them. We see the skills he's developed in Season 3. His bit beast is Dizzi. Dizzi got trapped inside his labtop by a freak power surge accident. She helps Kenny/The Chief, however she is not in G-Revolution.

    Hilary: Hilary goes to the same school as Tyson and Kenny. She likes to help Kenny out alot and travel with the Blade Breakers. She has no knowledge of the sport of Beyblading when she begins, but she learns about it by hanging out with the Bladebreakers (ex."Go beast bitty thingy" to "he could see your bitbeast"). She also has a little crush on Tyson. She really wants to see a bit beast. She couldn't at first but eventually she does. She wants to help but she usually can't.
  • best anime ever

    this is the best anime in the whole intitre world at least i fink its a anime well best show ever if its not a anime my fave charectors are rei mariah kai mriam & hiro i rate this 9.9 because best programe ever nd nothings guna beat it ever i think they shud have another series though exept for beyblade nd beyblade v forece nd beyblade g revelution and 1 more this is classic so classic because da best ever in this whole intire world evan pokemon wasnt as big as beyblade rei nd mariah make a nice couple 2 frm jazmin
  • A really good show that I believe taught some people about teamwork and friendship. It also showed the hardships some people overcome.

    Beyblade was a very interesting show that shouldn't have ended. I believe it changed the way some people thought about each other. You probably wouldn't talk to someone who doesn't have a parent the same way. I can't really explain it, but it's like that for my sister and I. I also believe that Beyblade is underestimated by many people. It's not that bad as people say it is. Sure, sometimes they can focus more on one character at one time, but there's humor and violence. Maybe not that much, but so many people turn down Beyblade because of the "spinning tops." Well, I can say one it with a different purpose, which is to prove yourself wrong. Oh, and one more thing, it's better than other shows on Toondisney.
  • It is a wonderfull show but is going down soon cause of the many mistakes commited by the animators:- 1.)Not focussing much on Kai's history(mysterious) 2.)Not putting on another episode for 2 years...even Cartoon Network took it out of toon

    It is a wonderfull show but is going down soon cause of the many mistakes commited by the animators:-
    1.)Not focussing much on Kai's history(mysterious)
    2.)Not putting on another episode for 2 years...even Cartoon Network took it out of toonami.
    It is a wonderfull show but is going down soon cause of the many mistakes commited by the animators:-
    1.)Not focussing much on Kai's history(mysterious)
    2.)Not putting on another episode for 2 years...even Cartoon Network took it out ofIt is a wonderfull show but is going down soon cause of the many mistakes commited by the animators:-
    1.)Not focussing much on Kai's history(mysterious)
    2.)Not putting on another episode for 2 years...even Cartoon Network took it out of toonami. toonami.
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