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Beyblade Fan Reviews (112)

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  • Ah,good old memories.

    Beyblade is a decent show about a 13 year old(he was 12 in the first few episodes)named Tyson Grainger and his friends Max,Kenny,Ray and Hilary.I remember this good old classic and the second season was the weakest season it was OK but the first and third seasons were great i also remember getting a video from America from my friend who was given the video by one of his cousins or something like that it aired on ABC Family sadly they are'nt making new episodes in Japan i hope they return it as seeing this was a good old show which aired on Cartoon Network and then Toonami over here in the UK it is better than most stuff today like Robotboy or anything else even though they are'nt making new episodes i still recommend this a classic and sadly now Toonami UK only airs it at night and what is nearly on everyday on Toonami UK is Pokemon which is a weak and retarded show i love this show and i still remember playing the Beyblade toys they are at least better than stupid scams for boys and girls such as: Bratz,Barbie,Pokemon and Action Man.