Beyblade - Season 4

Saturday 11:30 AM on YTV Premiered Jul 01, 2002 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Blader's Spirit
    Episode 51
    L-Drago manages to take control of Ryuga through its greed and self indulgence. Gingka becomes aware this final battle isn't only for himself and his friends, but he must also save Ryuga. With the blader's spirit Pegasus has gained new powers and skills, but the question on everyone's mind is even if Gingka wins, will Pegasus manage to survive the fight?moreless
  • 3/5/11
    After stealing all of Kyoya's power, Ryuga demands a final one-on-one battle with no spectators. Gingka says he will challenge him one-on-one, but he will bring the spirits of all his friends with him. Gingka's friends ignore Ryuga's wishes and decide to cheer for him while Ryuga and Gingka battle on a special final stage, but when L-Drago's dark power fully takes over Gingka, Gingka begins to wonder if he truly will be able to free his friends and free Ryuga's true battle spirit.moreless
  • 2/26/11
    The time for the second semifinal has come as Ryuga and Kyoya battle it out. Before the battle can begin though the two destroy the stadium with the intent of having no stadium outs. Kyoya believes his bladers spirit will be able to overpower L-Drago's abilities, but when Ryuga begins to lose L-Drago appears to take full control of him and could place Kyoya's very life and soul in danger.moreless
  • 2/19/11
    After his battle with Doji the mask of Phoenix is cracked and reveals a shocking character to Gingka. After revealing his identity, Phoenix and the gang collect Yu, and Phoenix shares the way to defeat Ryuga once and for all. Meanwhile Ryuga decides to drain every bit of energy from Doji after he survives the falling windows. Can Doji survive an attack from Ryuga when he no longer has the power of Dark Wolf?moreless
  • Bonds of Steel
    Episode 47
    Phoenix saves Hyoma and Kenta from Doji's wrath, but can Phoenix find a way to defeat Doji once and for all? Meanwhile Kenta faces his hardest opponent to date in Reggie and Serpent, but can he find a way to reverse Reggie's fear against himself?
  • Libra Disappears
    Episode 46
    Doji targets Yu for having turned against the Dark Nebula. Fearing for their friend Kenta and Hyoma decide to tail Yu and help him. Meanwhile the semifinals begin as Gingka and Reggie battle with a spot in the championship on the line, but can Gingka find a way to avoid the serpent's deadly poison?moreless
  • 1/29/11
    The final match of the quarterfinals featured Tsubasa vs. Ryuga with the winner facing Kyoya in the semifinals. Tsubasa knows the dangers that L-Drago can provide, so he comes up with a plan to try and stop the reverse rotation by attacking with all the force he has. Will it be enough to get the surprise upset, or will Ryuga continue his streak of crushing all of his opponents into nothingness?moreless
  • Entrusted Emotions
    Episode 44
    After escaping the Dark Nebula, Yu has collapsed by Gingka and his friends. When Yu comes to, he informs them of all the horrible things Doji has done with the Dark Nebula making Gingka more and more angry and more and more determined, but what will Doji's reactions be when he learns Yu has betrayed them? Making matters worse is the third match between Kenta and Reggie is about to occur, and the result of the match will lead to the first semifinal announcement.moreless
  • The Deck is Stacked
    Episode 43
    Just as the second round is about to get under way, Doji goes and changes the match-ups. The new match-ups feature Benkei vs. Kyoya, Tsubasa vs. Ryuga, Gingka vs. Ryutaro, and Kenta vs. Reggie. The sudden change of matches has caught everyone unprepared for their opponents, but the show must go on as the first two matches take place: Kyoya vs. Benkei and Gingka vs. Ryutaro. Which two will walk away with tickets to the semi-finals?moreless
  • 1/8/11
    The second round of Battle Bladers matcheas are announced. In them Kyoya must face Ryuga, Benkei and Kenta must collide, Gingka must face off with the dangerous Reggie, and Tsubasa must face off with Ryutaro. Gingka and company prepare for the next round with a lot of relaxation, but the Dark Nebula decides to show everyone what happens if you lose and are a part of their organization. The Kuma Brothers, Tetsuya, Captain Capri, and Dan and Reikei all find they must face off with Ryuga in a handicap match while Yu finds himself against Reggie with his freedom on the line.moreless
  • 12/18/10
    The quarterfinals of Battle Bladers continue. Tsubasa, the 3 Kuma brothers, Dan and Reikei, and Ryutaro all take center stage in matches against each other. Meanwhile the Dark Nebula vs. Gingka and company continues when Hyoma battles the Dark Nebulas #2 blader, a mysterious figure named Reggie with a dangerous Snake Blade, and Hikaru is put to her most dangerous test to date against none other than Ryuga himself.moreless
  • GO! Battle Bladers!
    Episode 40
    Battle Bladers begins, and the first round introduces intense matches for the squad. Benkei must face off with Captain Capri, Kenta faces Tetsuya, and Gingka must face Yu. With only 8 of the 16 combatants advancing to the second round, the question is who will survive.
  • Gingka quickly learns in order to advance to Battle Bladers, he will somehow have to defeat Phoenix. Only one of the two can prevail, but if Gingka loses, he must go through with his promise of never blading again. Which will happen? Will Gingka be forced to retire, or will the identity of Phoenix end up being revelaed?moreless
  • Run, Gingka!
    Episode 38
    All of Gingka's friends ahve gained the necessary 50,000 points, so they decide to all travel and support him at his final match. While on the way to the match though, Tsubasa intercepts Gingka and demands they battle. All of his friends decide to battle Tsubasa to give Gingka time to get to the competition, but they quickly find themselves being overpowered. Will Gingka make it to the match on time, or will he turn around and support his friends despite the risk?moreless
  • 11/20/10
    Kenta and Sora decide to get together as Kenta approaches Battle Bladers. They end up in a town where the bey Stadium has been overrun by a gang of Rogue Bladers led by Busujima and his Rock Scorpio. Sora is determined to show Kenta how much he has improved, but will his skills be enough to gain the victory, or will Gingka's guidance end up helping him in ways he has never imagined?moreless
  • Broken Wings
    Episode 36
    Tsubasa has learned of Ryuga's terrible hidden power and tries to escape the Dark Nebula, but before he can get very far the entire organization stands ready to intercept him. Tsubasa defeats them all but now must find a way to get past Ryuga. When all hope seems lost, the mysterious Pheonix arrives to help him out. Meanwhile the Dark Nebula releases their new recrruit- Captain Capri, into a battle with Gingka to see if Gingka's new move is as dangerous as it has the potential to be.moreless
  • L-Drago On The Move
    Episode 35
    Ryuga starts beyblading in two to three tournaments a day with the sole intention of amassing more than 50,000 points and declaring hjis dominanace over all the beyblading world. Meanwhile Tsubasa decides to investigate the true power of L-Drago and why it's classified as the forbidden bey, but by doing so he alienates himself from the rest of Dark Nebula and is forced to face off with all of them.moreless
  • Shine, Virgo
    Episode 34
    Gingka attempts to create a new special move that will make Pegasus more powerful than ever and lead him on to victory in Battle Bladers, but in order to prevail he must first defeat a powerful new blader named Teru, who is armed with his previous athletic abilities as a ballerina and a desire to prove to Gingka he can become the champion.moreless
  • 10/23/10
    When Gingka gets his pointer stolen by the Crab King himself, he pursues him to get it back in hopes of transferring his points to the new launcher Madoka has just given him. Eventually he corners him when a mysterious masked blader takes the pointer. The masked blader reveals himself to be Phoenix and says he won't return the pointer. Seeing no other choice Gingka challenges Phoenix to a battle. If he wins he gets his pointer back. If he losses, he must make a promise that could be heartbreaking for all involved.moreless
  • 10/16/10
    Instead of having 3 separate quarterfinals and a 3-man championship, a 6-man battle royal is held with the winner claiming the 10000 points. Gingka and company may have the advtage of a 4-on-2 group if they chose to work together, but with both Yu and Tsubasa being involved it may take Gingka and his new vacuum to keep his friends safe from two different sonic attacks. What places will Gingka, Kyoya, Kenta, Hyoma, Tsubasa, and Yu finally claim, and how many points will each of them be rewarded? One thing is sure to be certain- the winner of the battle may shock us all.moreless
  • The Twin Gemios
    Episode 31
    Kenta must battle two of the Dark Nebulas top bladers, the twin brothers Dan and Reikei. Luckily it's only a one-on-one brother, but the two brothers working together make their blade Gemios both an attack and a defense type. If Kenta doesn't figure out a way to overcome two types of tops at once, it may be him and Saggiatrio that run out of endurance first and fall from the tournament.moreless
  • 10/3/10
    When a tournament worth 10000 points is announced, all the Bladers are attracted to it. If either Gingka or Kyoya win, they will become the first person over the 50000 points needed for Battle Bladers. Yu and Tsubasa are sent to investigate other Bladers and recruit some to their cause. Gingka's first opponent is a magician who uses the Pisces blade, but with the sound caused he causes hallucinations to Gingka. Can this unknown blader cause a huge first round upset?moreless
  • Kenta and Sora
    Episode 29
    A new blader known as Sora arrives on the scene and challenges Kenta to a match during a local tournament. Sora claims to be Gingka's number 1 apprentice, but Kenta is suspect about him. After getting to know Sora Kenta becomes good friends with him, but can Kenta convince Sora to rely on his own strengths instead of trying to copy everything Gingka does?moreless
  • Yu is sent to a local competition to see if he can find any promising prospects. He doesn't find any, but Tsubasa recognizes Yu as a Dark Nebula agent and follows him back to his base. Doji agrees to let Tsubasa join if he will let him evolve Gasher to the next level- Dark Gasher. With Dark Gasher at his side Tsubasa decides to confront Gingka and Benkei at a local tournament and get his revenge on the two.moreless
  • 9/25/10
    Kenta and Hyoma run into each other at a double challenge competition and decide to enter opposite stages to win the maximum amount of points. However Doji wants to monitor their growth and sends Yu and Tsubasa out to battle them.
  • 9/19/10
    Tsubasa begins taking out the top Dark Nebula bladers at the local tournaments and attracts the attention of Doji. As Doji begins to wonder who he is, Tsubasa infiltrates the Dark Nebula and asks to be hired. It ends with a one-on-one battle against Yu that could determine exactly where Tsubasa ends up at.moreless
  • 9/18/10
    Kyoya takes center stage as the quest for Battle Bladers continues. Kyoya learns of a mysterious blader who seems to defeat all of his enemies in beybattles with them never knowing he's coming. He uses the blade Capricorn and is known to all as the mysterious Captain Capri. Can Kyoya learn the true identity of this individual, and if he finds him will he have the power to defeat him and get one step closer to Battle Bladers?moreless
  • The Beautiful Eagle
    Episode 24
    Gingka and his friends enter into multiple tournaments in an attempt to get the needed 50,000 points to enter Battle Bladers. The winner of Battle Bladers gets a one-on-one showdown with Ryuga. On his way to a tournament in Tsugusoka City Gingka is challenged by a group of renegade bladers. Before he can challenge them a man known only as Tsubasa arrives and defeats all of them. He reveals his powerful blade Eagle (also known as Aquila) and reveals he will end up being Gingka's biggest challenge in the next tournament, but he also reveals he knows almost everything about Gingka. Exactly how does Tsubasa know so much about Gingka, and what are his true intentions?moreless
  • 9/11/10
    Yu and Doji discuss the results of the recent tournament and reveal that more than 50,000 points will be needed to enter Battle Bladers. Meanwhile Gingka and his friends decide to test themselves in a battle royale at the local coliseum to see where they each need to improve.
  • The Fearsome Libra
    Episode 22
    The tournament comes down to Yu and his blade Libra, Gingka and Pegasus, Kyoya and Rock Leone, and the surprise finalist Madoka. Which side will prevail in this battle, and what wish will the WBBA be forced to grant?
  • 9/4/10
    As the tournament continues the field is narrowed down and alliances are beginning to be formed. Gingka and his friends appear to be doing well. The battle compass has strength-ed Osamu, Takahi, and Akira enough to where they challenge Gingka. Meanwhile Hyoma and Ryuga battle it out and the mysterious blader Yu competes ina four-way battle with Benkei, Hikaru, and Kenta, but what tricks is Yu hiding, since he is the mysterious blader that Dark Nebula is recruiting?moreless
  • 8/29/10
    A unique beyblading tournament is held on a deserted island. Whomever wins will get one wish granted them from the BBA. Gingka is determined to use this wish to help stop Ryuga. His friends have other ideas. Little do any of them realize though that Dark Nebula has inserted their own blader in this tournament, and he has an agenda which he wants to utilize at all costs.moreless
  • 8/28/10
    After returning home the bladers have Madoka look at their beys. She quickly learns there is something wrong with Bull, so she has Bull and Saggitario swap parts. The additional power and skills though they seem to develop with swapped parts could cause a new revolution in beyblading, especially when a special tag-team beyblading tournament is announced.moreless
  • The Green Hades
    Episode 18
    Gingka appears to have recovered his fighting spirit and vows to get stronger. In order to test his resolve Hyoma takes Gingka and his friends to the green forest bey stadium to have a bey battle, but the green stadium hides secrets that could either make or break everyone's efforts all together.moreless
  • The Silver Pegasus
    Episode 17
    Gingka's friends arrive in his village where they meet the talking dog Hokuto. After being testede by him he allows them to enter the village but informs them they have just missed Gingka. Gingka is climbing a nearby mountain where he hopes to make Pegasus stronger, but what test awaits him on top, and how can Pegasus become stronger?moreless
  • 8/15/10
    After Kyoya learns Hyoma has been leading them in circles, he begins to suspect Hyoma is actually working for Dark Nebula and forces him into a beybattle hoping to win the answers they seek.
  • 8/14/10
    After Gingka leaves the city his friends are determined to follow him. They decide to head to his home village, but a mysterious boy ambushes them claiming to be a friend. What is he really there for?
  • Memories of Ryo
    Episode 14
    Gingka returns to the town with his friends and tries to act like nothing has happened, but everyone suspects Gingka is hiding something. Kenta forces Gingka to reveal his past with L-Drago to try and find a way to help his friend.
  • L-Drago Awakens
    Episode 13
    The dangerous Ryuga has awakened from his sleeping chamber. He ulls out the forbidden bey L-Drago and begins to battle Gingka. The reason L-Drago is a forbidden bey is revealed.
  • 8/1/10
    Gingka, Benkei, Kyoya, Kenta, and Madoka enter into the Dark Nebula's castle to try and recover the forbidden bey L-Drago, but Merci and Doji have prepared multiple traps throughout the castle to test their skills and see which group of beybladers is truly stronger- their warriors or Gingka and friends.
  • Chase the Wolf
    Episode 11
    The mysterious man is revealed to be Doji, a man who runs a dangerous organization Gingka is out to stop. After Doji escapes Gingka must try to track down Kyoya if he is to learn the secrets of where Doji is at.
  • 6/26/10
    Gingka unleashes every move Pegasus has and battles Kyoya to try and get revenge for Benkei and Kenta while also trying to bring the city back to normal.
  • 6/19/10
    Having completed his training Kyoya returns and disbands the Bey Sharks. In order to get thrugh to him and try to bring back the regular Kyoya Benkei and Kenta team up, but Leone has a few new moves that could crush them into nothingness.
  • 6/12/10
    After being kicked out of the Bey Sharks Benkei decides to help Kenta's friends improve their beyblading skills. Meanwhile the mysterious man sends a computerized truck to track down Gingka and learn all of his weaknesses.
  • In order to defeat Hikaru, Kenta decides to practice until he can unlock the special gear Saggitario has in hopes of creating a special move. Seeing his determination Benkei decides to help Kenta in secret, or so he hopes.
  • 5/29/10
    Still hoping to free Kyoya, Benkei tracks down female blader Hikaru who is determined to defeat any tough blader so she can become the world's top blader.
  • Vengeful Gasher
    Episode 5
    After defeating Benkei, Benkei decides he must get stronger at all costs when a crabby blader known as Watargani appears with the mission to damage all beys he can.
  • 5/15/10
    In an attempt to free Kyoya from the mysterious man, Benkei challenges the mysterious man. The mysterious man says he will free Kyoya is Benkei can defeat Gingka using a new bey with the power of the bull, but Beknei must first learn how to master it.
  • 5/15/10
    A mysterious man dressed in black appears before Kyoya and offers him the ability to improve his skills at a mysterious training facility. Kyoya will be forced to go there unless he can defeat this mysterious man in a bey battle.
  • Leone's Roar
    Episode 2
    Gingka's success disappoints the leader of the Bey Sharks, so he schedules a 100-on-1 match against Gingka. If Gingka somehow survives the match, he must then move on and face off with the leader Kyoya and his lion bit Leone.
  • Pegasus Has Landed
    Episode 1
    A new series brings new characters and a new story for all to enjoy. At a Beyblading tournament a young child named Kenta is improving his skills and advances further than he ever has before catching the eyes of a group known as the Bey Sharks. They decide to gang up on him and steal all his beyblading points until a mysterious blader known as Gingka comes in and defeats all of them in a 10-on-1 match.moreless