Season 1 Episode 3

Take it to the Max!

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jul 07, 2002 on YTV

Episode Recap

Tyson continues his practicing so he can beat Kai when some new kid arrives. Just then a big storm arrives. He sees a puppy stuck on a log in the river. Tyson and the new kid decide to try and save the puppy, but Tyson's lack of launching skills make the puppy move toward the waterfall faster.

The new kid launches his blade, and it hits the log at the correct angle causing the log to jam. This allows the puppy to be saved. Tyson and Kenny are impressed by this new kids skills. He introduces himself as Max, and says he'll help Tyson improve.

Kenny comes up with a new training program for Tyson, but as Tyson spends more and more time with Max, he begins to feel left out. Finally Kenny decides to confront Max one-on-one. After saying he only wanted to help, Kenny and Max become friends.

To celebrate Max takes Kenny and Tyson to his father's beyblade shop. In the basement there is a Bey stadium, so Tyson and Max do a one-on-one battle. Max uses a defensive style blade. He beats Tyson when Tyson's blade just runs out of power. Max then reveals he's never lost a match.

After the battle the kids turn arround to see who is applauding them. Mr. Dickinson has arrived with a poster. It announces the City Beyblade Championship. Tyson thinks he'll win it easily until he finds out that Kai is the defending champion. Max also announces he plans to enter. Now Tyson has two rivals: one fully offensive and the other fully defensive. He must learn to balance the two, so he practices all night.

The next morning Kenny is surprised to see Tyson practicing, but he's shocked at how much power Dragoon has gained even more. He update's Tyson's stats, and announces that Tyson has a legitimate shot at winning the city title.