Season 1 Episode 3

Take it to the Max!

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jul 07, 2002 on YTV

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  • You ask why Character development, well it is since we see Kenny being jealous of Max at first meeting.

    The episode starts with Tyson practicing and making bets with Kenny. Then they hear the shouts of a girl asking for help to save her puppy following down a river. Tyson sees a small log and tries using his blade to send it in the right direction to stop the puppy but is off then out of nowhere flying in is a green blade that hits the log perfectly and stops the puppy from falling, and the Cheif goes to collect the puppy. When Tyson gets his blade he whines about it being covered in dog slobber being all over. The guy with the green blade introduces himself and tells us his name is Max. Max invites Tyson and the Cheif to his dad's shop where they decide to have a beybattle. Tyson and Max let it rip and Tyson is going for the win, he goes to use his finishing move and then all of a sudden his blade runs out of steam and loses. After Tyson's loss to Max, kenny becomes suspicious of Max and also jealous. Just after the battle ended Mr. Dickenson the head of the BBA arrives and asks to put up a poster for the upcoming tournament and of hearing a tournament Tyson gets excited. Anyways I don't remember how the end goes so...