Season 2 Episode 49

The Enemy Within

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Mar 20, 2004 on YTV

Episode Recap

Tyson ran towards Zeo confronting him about Dranzer. Zeo

replies that no one cold help Tyson when battling even when

Tyson's friends are there. Tyson barks back saying that

was not true, and he will get Dranzer back. Tyson was

stunned of what Zeo said.

The next day, Tyson, Max, and Ray were practicing for the

finals. Tyson was getting frustrated about Max not fighting

back. Max's blade was slammed out of the dish and into a

tree. Max told Tyson that he has to calm down. Tyson doesn't

like the idea, so he left Ray and Max behind. Hilary wants

to go after him but Ray said no.

Meanwhile, Kai still bugged about Zeo taking Dranzer away.

He then decides to quit beyblade for the day. Hilary then

came saying that he can't just quit and let the other get

Dranzer back. Kai ignores Hilary.

Hilary went back to Ray and Max and decides to look for

Tyson meanwhile Kenny checked on Kai's match with Zeo. He

notices that there some kind of reaction when Zeo orders an

attack. Kenny found out something and head to Mr.


Tyson meanwhile was on the arena thinking about tomorrow's

match with Zeo. Tyson launches his blade then Kai's blade

knocked off Tyson's out of the dish. Tyson was stunned.

Kai explained that he couldn't fight in this situation

because Zeo will just beat him up. Kai told him that to

battle him and think of him as Zeo.