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Season 5 Episode 32

The Explosive Cyclone Battle

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Mar 10, 2012 on YTV
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Selen and Ray Gasher attempt to drain Gingka's Pegasus by running away. Selen has never been defeated in a battle royal because she runs away from the opponent. Ian then enters the bey arena to battle Pegasus in a cyclone battle. Can Gingka survive both opponents and find a way to get to Argo?


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  • The fun never ends with Gan Gan Galaxy, but sometimes . . .

    Gan Gan Galaxy takes us on another fun and exciting ride this time in the second episode of a Knockout Battle. Honestly, though, Team Garcia is a bunch of creeps who shouldn't be allowed near beys, but such is not the case. While they really tick me off, the writers do have a purpose behind including them and it is what makes this episode, well, all the Team Garcia / Brazil episodes so important or maybe I should say useful to the story line. If only the kid would stop saying "Amazing," it gets on the (at least my) nerves after one or two episodes. Thing is he keeps it up even into Metal Fury, sigh!!

    So many characters grow up during a Beyblade series and many gain Blader spirit, but not Team Garcia. They seem stuck at this level of growth and neither become better at being evil nor, well, as I said they don't gain a true Blader spirit. In this series we see so many bladers who start out on the wrong side and grow, but not Team Garcia.

    OK, I'll admit this review is suppose to be about the episode and not Team Garcia. Yet honestly their behavior is their one main attribute and this episode really lets us see all of the Garcia family members and each of their own levels. In the last episode we learned about their past, as though it is an excuse and valid reason for their behavior. Gingka is right as he tries to teach them about true Blader spirit unfortunately it falls on deaf ears and only goes to prove even when faced with the truth some will always walk away with pieces of "the apple" still in their mouth. (Yeah, Adam andmoreless

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