Season 1 Episode 14

The Race is on!

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Aug 17, 2002 on YTV

Episode Recap

The team is ready for the semi-finals, except Tyson who is still sleeping. Ray stays behind when the rest of the team goes to the BeyStadium to wake Tyson up. They get there and it's time for their match, so Max goes to battle Chucky and his homemade Blade. He stalls out as long as he can, to give Tyson and Ray a chance to get there in time.

Tyson and Ray are on their way, when a rock slide makes it impossible for their vehicle to go on. They decide to climb up the mountain. Ray twists his ankle tough and Tyson has to carry him to the stadium.

Meanwhile, Max is still stalling for time, and Chuckie and his team thinks he is toying with them. When Max realizes they think he is blading unfairly, he finishes up quickly. Kai goes to battle in the 2nd round since Ray and Tyson still haven't showed up.

He finishes the match quickly, though. It seems like they have to forfit, and any one forfit would cause the Bladebreakers to be disqualified, but at the last minute Tyson and Ray get there. Kevin, from the White Tigers, admits to Mariah that he caused the rock slide. Tyson takes on the last of the Blade Hunter and wins another victory and is qualified to go to the finals.