Season 1 Episode 14

The Race is on!

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Aug 17, 2002 on YTV

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  • Very adventorous for Ray and as always Tyson

    This episode was great. The opening was funny since Tyson as usual was sleeping. It got even funnier when Ray put a red chilli in Tyson\'s mouth to wake him up. Anyways they get going to catch up to the others and to get to the tournament bu then disater strikes, and caused by none other than that creep Kevin. At this point I thought they would never make it and really hated Kevin. While this was going on Max was in his battle and trying to waste time for Tyson and Ray. I was wondering how long could Max keep this going. Then more disatser strikes for Ray and Tyson when Ray hurts his ankle in an avalanche. I was surprised by what Tyson did when he took Ray and gave him a piggy back. Meanwhile Max\'s opponent had enough of Max and then max gives in and goes for the win. So with no one else left to battle Kai fills in and takes a quick win. Then the tension started to really build when it looked like Tyson and Ray weren\'t going to make it but then they arrive and Tyson takes a quick win.