Season 3 Episode 21

Under Pressure

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Dec 11, 2004 on YTV

Episode Recap

Episode starts of with Hiro talking to 2 guys- he is going to cancel a TV shoot they had planned for the BBA. A day in the life of the BBA team. He says sorry to them but they have to postpone it. The 2 guys are naturally disappointed by this. Hiro then says to Hilary/Kenny because Tyson needs time alone and no pressure as he is the world champ. Tyson is lying in his bed thinking about his last match. He feels if he can't summon Dragoons full power then how is he going to defend his title? He feels really down because of this. He has a flashback to his last match he lost vs. F-Dynasty.

Meanwhile outside Daichi is on his way in when he comes across the 2 camera guys. He says he wants to be filmed and tells him that Hiro isn't the boss of him. He says he will sort everything out. Right now the BBA are at the Beach and are getting ready to be filmed. DJ Jazzman introduces them at the Australian Beach. [They are in the Australian stage now]. Tyson is getting ready to be filmed. One of the camera guys tells him how this is going to be great and that million of people will get to see the World Champ in training. Tyson starts to feel down when he says World Champ to him. They say it a few more times and before that Hillary and Kenny take Tyson away to have breakfast. Daichi is left buried in the sand and a crab comes up and attacks him. Tyson is now at the Hotel eating his food. He says for the camera How Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The camera Guy: You tell him World Champ. Tyson: I just did. Hillary/Kenny are trying to get them to stop calling him world champ. Meanwhile behind Tyson Daichi is stuffing himself with food- Hilary says that he is gross. Tyson is now in the swimming pool. Jazzman: In order for Tyson to stay in shape, he does a few laps in the hotel swimming pool.

Next they are outdoors. We see Daichi with Boxing gloves on saying ' I float like a bee and sting like a butterfly.' He then gets punched by the Kangaroo in front of him. The camera man says something to Tyson about him being world champ. Tyson tells him to stop reminding him of this.

And finally they are now going to film them in a practice Beyblade match. Kenny/Daichi and Tyson launch their blades. Hiro mentions how Tyson's launch was weak. And that his emotions are transferred to His Dragoon. Since he is feeling the pressure it is affecting his blading. The pressure shows. Tyson is shouting at dragoon to attack them and calls out his Engine gear to go into full thrust. Nothing happens. Daichi is coming straight for him and knocks Tyson's blade out. The camera crew is shocked by this performance. They say they will edit around this. Kenny shouts at them saying 'Is that all you care about, how selfish'. Tyson says 'They are right- I don't deserve to be World Champ' and runs off.

We see Max in his Hotel room. He is tweaking his blade for the upcoming match vs. Tyson. He says he is ready to face him. He wonders however what is up with Tyson. He never usually makes mistakes like that.

At the Zoo, we see the White Tiger X there. Lee is saying they should be practicing for the next match. Mariah is cuddling a Koala bear saying how cute it is. Kevin says she is trying to get her mind of the coming match. She says she just wants to cuddle the koala. Gary says jokingly, it could be a new mascot for the team. They could be called the Grey Koalas. Meanwhile Kai is at this place in the desert which is some big Mountain type thingy. He is standing there. Ray then comes up. He asks if he is waiting for Tyson. Kai says No way.

Tyson is at the beyblade stadium and thinking. He says, how the crowd expects too much of him because he is the world champ and that he has too much pressure on him.

He starts to hear the crowd chanting Tyson in his mind. He starts shouting, leave me alone. He then sees Daichi. Daichi throws him Dragoon. Tyson tells Daichi to take a hike. Daichi is annoyed and challenges him to a match. Daichi seems to be dominating Tyson. He Taunts Tyson a lot. He tells him 'Bring it on world champ' and Quit making fun of me'. Tyson then shouts at Daichi, saying' You don't know what kind of pressure I'm under or how it is like to be a world champion and you never will.

Tyson gets annoyed and then starts to throw everything he has at Daichi. It appears now that he is back to normal. Tyson feels this. He is now riding on Dragoon and says how he shouldn't be blading like a champion but Like Tyson. He should just concentrate on the match like Daichi and not let anything else distract him. He then ends the match and runs off. Hiro has seen this and is really proud of Tyson. Max is at the cliff face with Ray and Kai. He says' I guess he isn't coming, he has more important world champ things to do.' Ray says that he wants Tyson to be at his best and so does Max. Kai says if he can sort his mind out he will be a true champion. Tyson then appears in front of them. He tells them ' I am a Blader first and a champion 2nd.' He then launches his blade which destroys some rocks. They are all happy to see Tyson is back. Tyson says that anyone of those 3 have a good shot at becoming the champion. They all stand around this thing. And then they walk away. Max says to himself, that he will give it everything he has vs. Tyson. Ray says to himself, that he is ready for this and will not let anything stop him and cannot wait to face Tyson, but in order to do that he must get past another tough challenge. And that is Kai. He wants Kai to bring his best game to their match. Tyson then says 'Look out world, I am back'