Season 5 Episode 48

Befall's Trap

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The group is heading towards the basement when they reach a giant metal door. Kyoya smashes through it, but the group gets separated into two groups: Kyoya, Masamune, and Gingka on one side and Tsubasa, Yu, and Madoka on the other. Tsubasa manages to find a staircase that will take them deep, but instead of going to the Energy Core it takes them to the System Room where Jack is waiting for them. Yu thinks the system is a bed and gets trapped in it. Jack promises to let him out if Tsubasa can beat him. As Tsubasa and Jack battle Jack tries to get into Tsubasa's head and make Tsubasa think they would have lost if Ryuga hadn't come to their rescue. Instead of getting in Tsubasa's head, this motivates him. Tsubasa pushes Eagle to new lmits and defeats Jack. Jack decides to get another arrangement so he can beat Tsubasa, but when he gets to the room he finds out Yu has busted up the arrangement system with Libra. The group heads deeper inside the Energy Spiral while Jack freaks out and weeps.

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